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  1. jim723

    [WTB-NA] Fearless S8 Freedpm or Pro

    I am interested in Fearless S8 Freedom or S8 Pro in excellent condition with the original packaging. Shipping from the U.S. or Canada preferred. Thank you.
  2. jim723

    [SOLD] [FS-US] Kaldas Research RR1 Conquest Electrostatic Headphones

    SOLD I have decided to put my very lightly used Kaldas Research RR1 Conquest up for sale. The RR1 is a new electrostatic headphones developed and built by Kaldas Research in India. The RR1s have superior sound quality that rival many high-end e-stat headphones which cost two or three times more...
  3. jim723

    [FS] Denon AH-D5000 (Big Price Drop)

    Edit 12/28/19 - Big price drop $390 $349 shipped. Edit 12/16/19 - I actually have two pairs of Denon D5000. I did some mods on the first pair (re-cabling, Lawton tuning, pads rolling, etc.) The second pair was kept in stock form. These are the second pair in the stock form for sale. I will...
  4. jim723

    Wanted - Fostex TH-X00 Broken, Not Working

    I am looking for broken or not working pair of Fostex TH-X00 or similar Denon headphones. The headband needs to be in good condition so I can use it to replace the headband of my Denon’s. Thanks.
  5. jim723

    [SOLD] Sony XBA-A3

    SOLD I bought these XBA-A3 from another head-fier a few months ago. They came without any accessories or the box; just the headphones and the cable. There are quite a few scratches and blemishes on the shells , please see the pictures. The cable is in perfect condition. Functionally they are in...
  6. jim723

    B&O H6 2nd Gen in Excellent Condition - $145 Shipped

    I am selling the Bang & Olufsen H6 2nd Gen for my friend. She had them for a little while but is no longer using them. They come with all the original accessories and the box. She also had purchased an additional cable for the H6. The H6s are in excellent condition. The price will include...
  7. jim723

    SOLD - Hifiman HE400 the original version in pristine condition

    SOLD These are my second pair of the original HE400. They have not been used very much and are in pristine condition. The white spots in the pictures are light reflections. I have tried other HE400 variations (400i and 400s) and to my ears I still prefer the original 400. I also have the HE500...
  8. jim723

    [SOLD] V-moda M100 (Like-new)

    SOLD I bought these M100s about two years ago. However, they don't fit my large head very well so they have been sitting in the box ever since. I just realized that I still have them the other day and decided to sell them since I am not using them. Everything is in like-new condition. All the...
  9. jim723

    [SOLD] - Focal Elex in Pristine Condition

    SOLD The Elex was purchased from the previous owner about a month ago. The headphones came in pristine condition with very minimum signs of wear as shown in the pictures. It appears that the previous owner has barely used them and I have put on less than 10 hours of head time. They function...
  10. jim723

    [SOLD] AKG K712 Pro

    SOLD These K712 Pro are in pristine condition. I received them from a trade. They looked like brand new when I received them. I have put less than 4 hours of head time. The ear pads are clean and firm. These headphones have not been fully broken in yet. They are as new as you can get as a...
  11. jim723

    [SOLD] Hifiman Edition X V2 - Pristine

    SOLD Hifiman Edition X V2 for sale These Edition X V2 are in pristine condition. These are the version with the metal gimbals. The Edition X line is pitched as the efficient mobile version of the HE1000. I purchased them here about 6 months ago and they have very minimum use. I am selling them...
  12. jim723

    [Wanted] TEAC UD-301

    Looking for a TEAC UD-301 in good condition. Thanks.
  13. jim723

    WTB - iFi IEmatch

    Looking for 3.5 mm version of the IEmatch in good condition.
  14. jim723

    [BOTH SOLD] Grado RS2i, Alessandro MS2e, Excellent Condition

    I have two pairs of Grados for sale. RS2i - $290 $280 (SOLD) Bought it from another audio forum. They are in great condition, 8/10. I have compared them to the RS2e. With the tape-mod L-cushions they sound pretty much the same as RS2e, very smooth, detailed and non-fatiguing. I will leave the...
  15. jim723

    [SOLD] Cayin N5iiS- Stainless Steel, like-new, $335

    SOLD Cayin N5iiS Hi-Res music player for sale. Condition is perfect pre-owned. I purchased the N5iiS from an authorized retailer a few weeks ago. I just upgraded to a higher model so this device is no longer needed. This is the second generation of the N5ii model with many improvements and...
  16. jim723

    [SOLD] FiiO X5 3rd Gen in Excellent Condition, extra Miter case

    SOLD I am selling my pre-owned FiiO X5 3rd gen DAP. I am the second owner of this unit. The X5 is in excellent condition. It doesn’t have any scratches or blemish that I could see. It has the latest firmware installed. The X5 iii will come with all the factory accessories and the box. A very...
  17. jim723

    FS - AK70 (Sold), X5 3rd Gen, Cayin N5iiS (Sold)

    I have several DAPs for sale. They are all in excellent to like-new condition. I purchased them recently for evaluation purpose. 1. [SOLD] Astell&Kern AK70, Misty Mint edition, 64GB internal RAM. Excellent condition. $SOLD Details are here...
  18. jim723

    (SOLD) F/S - Astell& Kern AK70 Misty Mint - Excellent

    SOLD I have for sale is the Astell&Kern AK70 Misty Mint, 64GB Hi-Res DAP. This unit is in excellent condition. I am the second owner. Here is the product page about the AK70. The box and all factory accessories (including the unused screen saver) are...
  19. jim723

    WTB - Fearless S8

    Interested in Fearless S8. Prefer US sales. Please PM. Thanks.
  20. jim723

    [SOLD] FS/FT: Westone W40 - Price Drop

    SOLD These were purchased as open-box item from Westone. I am the second owner. The W40s are in very good condition and will come with all the original accessories, less a pair of foam tips that the previous owner has used. I used my own STAR silicon tips for these. Also the previous owner...
  21. jim723

    SOLD - For Sale: Audeze LCD-2 Rosewood Pre-Fazor

    SOLD Here is my LCD-2 for sale. These are the rosewood pre-Fazor version from late 2013. I am not the original owner. They are in great overall condition with the very little signs of wear. The lambskin leather ear pads are soft and lush although there is a small tear on the inside of the...
  22. jim723

    For Sale: Audio-gd Compass DAC/amp

    Audio-gd Compass DAC/amp for sale I received this unit from a trade last year and have been very happy with it. I recently upgraded to the NFB10-ES2 (for the balanced output) therefore I am selling the Compass. The age of the Compass is unknown. I think the Compass was initially released in...
  23. jim723

    FS - AAW W500 and Audio-Technica ATH-A900 (Excellent)

    I am selling two wonderful headphones. AAW W500 Universal $650 -> $550 $525 shipped Please check details here: Audio-Technica ATH-A900 $165 -> $130 $125 shipped Please check details here...
  24. jim723

    FS - ATH-A900 Excellent Condition

    Up for sale is my Audio-Technica ATH-A900 headphones. These are the original version of the A900s. I bought these over 5 years ago from Amazon. They were one of my first ‘better’ headphones. They haven’t been used very often because the clamping force is a little high for my giant head. They...
  25. jim723

    SOLD - For Sale - Advanced AcousticWerkes (AAW) W500 Universal

    SOLD I am selling my Advanced AcousticWerkes (AAW) W500 Universal IEMs. These are 5-drivers hybrid with 5-way crossover network reference in-ear monitors. These and the W900 are the flagships of AAW. I bought these W500s directly from Null Audio about 5 months ago. My understanding is that the...