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  1. Roller

    Guide to proper Creative USB device driver installation

    After reading several posts regarding people having issues when installing Creative USB devices, I've decided to write a guide explaining how to install Creative USB hardware properly, as per Creative's driver installation guidelines specified years ago. First of all, these installation...
  2. Roller

    Musical chairs (audio gear, not the game)

    So, I was looking around the web, when I found about some designer awarded lounge chairs that seem to have AUX and iDevices docks.   Has anyone heard of the Sonic Chair?:
  3. Roller

    Why aren't things like this spread around the world?

    What seems to be something different (yet not that much) from Head-Fi meets, but always either far away or with just too little time on the spotlight.   Anyway, here's a trailer for the next Headphone Festival 2011:  
  4. Roller

    Headphone pads, do they have an ideal shape?

    Just like the title of the thread asks, I wonder if there is a significant difference between circular, oval and square shaped pads, as well as if these shapes represent different changes in the sound signature of both open and closed headphones. Those changes might include soundstage, increase...
  5. Roller

    Wiki for all?

    Is the creation of wiki articles non moderated?   I ask because just now I saw a wiki called "Good Bass Good Looks Under 60 Dollars" and I thought it was a listing of headphones, but instead it is just a request for advice. Now a wiki is not meant to have questions that belong to topics...
  6. Roller

    Grand Theft Head-Fier

    Through the browsing, reading, posting, replying, I found myself wondering if due to an increase in Head-Fi's members, it also increased the chance that some not-so-well intentioned people joined as well, and could be hijacking unsuspecting head-fiers acounts. This doubt of mine started after...
  7. Roller

    Audinst HUD-MX1, a good way to go on?

    After some careful deliberation, I found that the vaccine for my wallet wasn't strong enough, and now I see it suffering. Perhaps the best thing was to give it a mild shock treatment, in the shape of a little upgrade Then later on it will recover in due time   Right now I'm listening to a...
  8. Roller

    New review pages layout

    I have just seen how different reviews now look due to a different layout. I honestly preferred the older layout, but I could live with the new one if at least it maintained the same elements as the older one, only with different formatting.   There are still pros and cons, but where is the...
  9. Roller

    Ditch iTunes, get foobar2000 and tweak it to your liking

    With so many threads about how sluggish iTunes is, and with all the things foobar2000 can do, seems that some people still use iTunes mainly because of iPod/iPhone sync.   Well, that's no longer a reason as there is a foobar plugin that does the syncing among other things. The plugin...
  10. Roller

    Help, these cans are crushing my ears!

    I recently acquired a pair of Allan & Heath Xone XD-53, rebadged Audio Technica ATH-PRO700, and they sound amazing, with a surprisingly large soundstage for a set of closed headphones. My issue is that the pads are very short and since the driver is much larger (53mm) compared to my previous...
  11. Roller

    Questions about RP-DH1200, ATH-M50, Audio 2 DJ and PA2V2

    Hi there. I'm a bit new here but from what I've seen, there's plenty of info about many different audio gear.   I've been using my old faithful Technics RP-F290 connected to an usb creative stereo x-fi, but somehow my ears just need more :) I'm thinking of getting a Native Instruments Audio...