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  1. virometal

    Kraftwerk to Reissue 8 Remastered Albums Oct. 5

    Link CD, Digital, Vinyl
  2. virometal

    2009 - Your Favorite Releases So Far

    Alright music junkies, time to spread your knowledge for the good of humanity. What new music has been essential, catchy, progressive...etc of the year to date?
  3. virometal

    District 9 viral campaign is kinda cool.

    I lurked around the sites and blog a bit last night. What's the good word on this movie? Should I get excited?
  4. virometal

    NBA Playoffs 09

    Yep, it's back. Where's floyd', 'fieler, Hi-Fi and all the others. Drop some takes. Media loves Bron and Mamba for the finals. Is everybody else playing for third place?
  5. virometal

    Tired of tabs and bookmarks?

    try Widexplorer Maybe old news, but I find it pretty cool for the news, tech, and sports sites.
  6. virometal

    Your 2008 Favorites

    It is about time with over six months in, isn't it? I can't add much interesting but love to read the thoughts and lists! What has been the good stuff so far? -- In the Spirit: 1. Portishead - Third 2. Clark - Turning Dragon 3. Thomas Brinkmann - When Horses Die 4. Cut Copy - In...
  7. virometal

    Found a DVD-A site similar to

    DVD-A Registry Kudos to AVS member SiriuslyCold who set up the site. I've been looking for something like this for a while. Also included are other fringe formats such as MVI, Dual Disc, Blu-ray etc. I thought some others might find it helpful.
  8. virometal

    New Autechre - Quaritice

    I kept thinking that surely someone would start a thread about a new Autechre album! I guess someone just did. One may DL legally (for a price) in FLAC or MP3. What do you guys think so far?
  9. virometal

    It's CES Time Kiddos

    Anyone else refreshing Engadget every five minutes? If so, what hot gear you have your eye on? I've been looking for a new LCD TV for my guy room, and the Sharp "Game-centric LCD" might just be the ticket: "Fast Input Switching" Now that's sounds nice for someone like me who's...
  10. virometal

    College Football

    Yep, that's it. I can't wait for Saturday. Obviously, I'm a big Sooner fan and claim a sheepskin from that University. I'll say 10-2 reg season for the Sooners with losses to Texas and Tech. The Big 12 South appears to be very strong this year. Maybe I'm a homer, but to me the South is...
  11. virometal

    The Lives of Others - Great Movie - out on DVD today.

    There was already a related thread here. However, I was hoping some others might have something to say about the film. If you haven't seen it, the film is set in East Germany in the mid 80's and follows an East German Secret Policeman (Stasi) who volunteers to spy on a playwright. Shot in...
  12. virometal

    Happy Birthday goldenratiophi!

    Hope you have a good one!
  13. virometal

    Going to attend the PGA championship next weekend - any tips?

    First, I'm not a golfer. The only tournaments are I watch on t.v. are majors. One thing I was wondering if there are any cool under the radar golfers to follow for a round, you know so I'm not fighting a huge gallery. Or is following the big guys (Woods, Els, Sing, Mickelson...etc) not...
  14. virometal

    Heads up for music fans/HDTV owners, Live Earth broadcasting now

    on the Universal HD channel. Live music until 2amET. You can check out the official site for artist listings.
  15. virometal

    Happy Birthday jonnyhambone!!!

    Or jonnylegend as I like to call him. Anyone who lurks the What Are You Listening to Now thread should know this guy. He has great taste in music. I hope you have/had a good one man!
  16. virometal

    I did it - turned off signatures today...

    Ahhhh....that is so much better. Erased mine as well. I'm sorry, but some head-fi'ers need to master the fine art of moderation. Try it. It's amazing how the conversation comes to life and flows without the personal mantras wedged in between.
  17. virometal

    I'm looking for more modern dance rock like...(with a master list)

    ...Action Action Bloc Party The Dandy Warhols The Faint Hard-Fi Hello Goodbye Infadels The Rapture Shiny Toy Guns White Rose Movement * = I've heard or already own so great rec and addition to the list! ^ = My own addition as I continue my hunt for new "dance rock" Recs from...
  18. virometal

    Federer vs. Roddick tonight!!!

    I'm still debating whether to stay up for this one. Either way it should be high drama for tennis fans. The stoic Swiss against the brash American; Conners is now coaching Andy for jimmney sake. I cannot wait. In other Aussie open news, Serena just out pounded Vaidisova. The American just...
  19. virometal

    Genesis SACD's March 26 U.K. release

    Get your wallet ready. Thanks to trusty "Trick of the Tail" "Wind & Wuthering" "And Then There Were Three" "Duke" "Abacab" Where's "Invisible Touch"! Anybody know if the releases are 5.1?
  20. virometal

    Head-Fi Super NFL Playoff Pick 'em

    Let's see if some head-fi'ers want to put their picking prowess on the line. I'll keep it simple - 1 point per correct prediction. The tie-breaker will be closest prediction of final score in the Super Bowl. All picks/edits must be before Saturday 1/6 - 4:30pm Eastern Time Zone It's...
  21. virometal

    F/S Ray Samuels SR-71 #6296

    Second owner. It has only been in my possession for a couple weeks. Portable amps are just not for me. Only the amp is included. Sorry, I don’t have the packaging. Condition: Excellent! Price: SOLD if using paypal. Shipping worldwide is no problem, but shipping will be calculated and...
  22. virometal

    FS: pair Matched Amperex 7308's

    -I bought these from Boodi a little less than a year ago. The were my favorite tube for my Earmax Pro so I decided to hold onto them, when the pro was sold, in case there was some more tube equipment in my future. Boodi sold them to me in NOS condition and I put approx. 150 hours on them...
  23. virometal

    Assorted Budget Cables FS/FT - PC,IC,VGA,Speaker

    Cleaning out the closet time. Prices include paypal and USPS Priority shipping in CONUSA... Pair 10Ft Audioquest Cinemaquest Type IV shield cable, Monster Bananas. -I was experimenting with using my sub as a crossover, but decided to go LFE instead for movies. The are as new with only 10...
  24. virometal

    FS: BPT Bp Jr. MKII conditioner and C-12 power cord.

    I am the second owner of the jr. and C-12 which have been in my possession for 9 months. Both have been unused for the last month since I bought a speaker system and am going to upgrade my power so up for sale she goes! This is a great p.c. for sources and headphone systems - a way to try out...
  25. virometal

    Hollywood's message to the world - go back to the movies

    Looks like the powers in tinsel town are feeling the heat. During the Academy Awards, there were four scripted references to superiority of the theater experience over home viewing. The sets for the show contained theater props with trade poster displays, ticket booths, and a giant cinema...