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  1. wafflezz

    Have I been lied to my whole life?

    I've always been lead to believe that you need a super amp to power headphones that are 300 ohms and above. Namely the hd600/650, akg 701, beyer dt880, etc. ...but my friends recently stopped by to chill and wanted to use my headphones(hd650). I said sure...but they wanted to plug them into an...
  2. wafflezz

    Would cables actually make my headphones sound better/different?

    I'm still at a loss for words trying to understand how cables of all things would make a difference in sound for a headphone. The impedance of a cable is usually negligible right? Yet there's tons of people who say that a cable upgrade for the hd650 is imperative. Or at least recommended. It...
  3. wafflezz

    I have a hard time understanding how aftermarket cables are anything but placebo in terms of Sound quality

    EDIT- title got cut off "in terms of sound quality" Please, by all means correct me if I'm wrong but...I thought that the worst that could happen with a low quality/extremely thin cable is a bottlenecking of incoming signal.Doesn't copper wire have too little resistance to add any impedance...
  4. wafflezz

    EQ program for windows

    Does anyone know of a program that effects the equalization for all sound that's transmitted through my amp/DAC? Windows media player has an EQ but it doesn't effect any audio for games or youtube, soundcloud, etc.  Not sure if it exists, not sure it CAN exist, but if it does. That would be...
  5. wafflezz

    What should I get next for my upgradetitus?

    I really can't stop myself from trying to achieve better sound at this point. But I still don't want to run into the point of diminishing returns. First it was the m50-really started me down the track of hifi Next the fiiO e7-having a dedicated amp/DAC really helped bring the music to the next...