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  1. magicguy

    [WTB] : FIIO HS2 (europe prefered)

    Hi all, I'm looking for a FIIO HS2. PMed me if you want to sell one. Regards, MG
  2. magicguy

    [SOLD] Effect Audio Horus 2 pins / 2.5mm

    SOLD Hi folks, Up for sale is an Effect Audio Horus cable 2 pins, 2.5 terminated. Asking 0€, PayPal fees and Shipping FedEx express/DHL included. 0€ if PayPal friends, Shipping FedEx express/DHL included. I'm based in France, Paris. Cheers, Guy
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  4. magicguy

    [SOLD] K10 custom (reshell cost will started at 100€ and will be done by Custom Art)

    Price : 0€ Paypal Included. Shipping : not included in the price Ship worldwild : yes --- Hi all, I'm selling my K10 custom, reshelled by Custom Art. I will sell only the earphones, no package, no cable. The reshell will be operated by Custom Art, and the cost of the reshell will start at...
  5. magicguy

    [FS] - EUROPE - Mezzo Soprano AK120 mod (upgraded DACs and balanced out) PayPal and shipping included (FedEx or DHL).

    Price : 600€ => 450€ Paypal Included. Shipping : not included in the price Ship worldwild : yes --- I have decided to sell my beloved AK120 with Mezzo mod. You can find more informations on this mod on HF and here : The...
  6. magicguy

    SOLD : Astell&Kern JH Audio - Billie Jean

    Hi all, I bought them in order to compare them to my Noble K10. Since, I bought Ambient Acoustics AM7 LAM-U. Bought on Astell&Kern online shop the 7th october 2018, so still under warranty. They look as new. Headfonia had this to say, “At this price however, it is the best I have heard. I...
  7. magicguy

    [SOLD] : Audeze iSINE 20 In-Ear Headphones with Standard And Cipher V2

    Hi mates, I'm selling my Audeze iSine 20 with standard cable and cipher V2. They were bought in Switzerland ( in August 2018, so still under Warranty. Paypal fees and delivery are not included. Cheers, Guy