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  1. BigCabDaddy

    Schiit Jotunheim w/Balanced DAC

    Less than a year old. Original box. Minor top scratches including logo. System just went in a different direction than I'd expected. Do have a couple balanced cables available separately. Can deliver at CanJam if convenient. $400+shipping
  2. BigCabDaddy

    Does PC make a difference for ripping?

    I inherited an older, probably cheap to start with, Celeron base PC. It does have a DVD player however. Does the PC used for ripping CDs make any difference?
  3. BigCabDaddy

    AKG K553 good successor to ATH ESW9?

    Hi all. Been a long time since I've been active here or actively involved in the hobby. I find myself in pretty immediate need for an over ear alternative to my go to travel pair of ATH ESW9. I'm eyeing the Massdrop (in itself a new concept to me) AKG K553? My at home pair are ATH AD900x so that...
  4. BigCabDaddy

    What should I be looking for?

    First of all, let me start with an apology before things get snarky. Though I love this forum, I've become inactive because I simply don't have pockets deep enough to participate at the "hi-fi" level I'd like. I'm decidedly relegated to "mid-fi" by forum standards and even that's a stretch...
  5. BigCabDaddy

    WTB: IE, noise cancelling, and rugged

    Looking for a pair of in ears for the upcoming motorcycle season. So criteria would include:   * noise cancelling * low profile (no protrusion for inside helmet) * rugged build quality * efficient (won't be used with external amp)   Looking to spend no more than $200 and hopefully a whole...
  6. BigCabDaddy

    WTB: T1 or convince me otherwise

    Soon to have that tax refund burning a hole in my pocket and considering upgrading headphones. Right now, my "dream headphone" is the Beyerdynamics T1. Present goto is AT AD900x. So hopefully that gives you a ballpark as to my preferred sound signature. I'm looking to spend no more than $800...
  7. BigCabDaddy

    MOG alternative

    So awhile back I came to all of you for a high quality streaming service and you all put me onto Mog. It's been a solid suggestion. I'm not overly thrilled with the interface and occasionally I do get into crappy enough wifi that the streams cut in and out, but that's the cost for higher quality...
  8. BigCabDaddy

    How the **** so you decide?

    First off, a few givens: I'm a noob when it comes to this "head-fi" stuff. But... my collection has quickly grown thanks to my OCD tendencies. In order to maintain marital bliss and fight off hoarder (or more politely, "collector") tendencies, it's already time to thin out the herd a little. My...
  9. BigCabDaddy

    USB or S/PDIF

    Turns out my new laptop has both. Assumed I'd be using USB but I've read some allusions that S/PDIF actually sounds better for some reason. Fact or fiction? My USB ports would definitely be more handy but I want the best sound as well.
  10. BigCabDaddy

    V-moda Vamp?

    A search here didn't pull up too much. How is the V-Moda Vamp regarded by you folks? I know I like the form factor and figure the price can only come down as the iPhone 4/4s becomes more and more obsolete.
  11. BigCabDaddy

    Why so little mention of the SOL Tracks HD?

    As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm the proud new owner of AT ESW9 headphones. But at Christmas I'd gotten my oldest daughter a pair of SOL Tracks HD before starting this journey back into audiophilia. Just now was the first time we had the occasion to A/B compare the two. For good measure, we...