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  1. udauda

    Sennheiser Lucas (DSP-PRO) pinouts?

    To all of current DSP-PRO owners here: I need your help.       I've recently acquired Sennheiser Lucas (DSP-PRO) for analysis, but it didn't come with its proprietary Mini-DIN to RCA/power cable. (came with a power adapter though) I can simply DIY the cable, but have no clue what its...
  2. udauda

    The effect of break-in: Fostex T50RP   Ouch, I would have done so much better with the left REW measurement, only if I was not drinking $amuel Adams at that time.. 
  3. udauda

    Alternative pleather ear cushions for HD650?

    For some reason, I just can't stand the texture of velour.  Does anyone know any good alternative ear cushions(leather, pleather, etc) for HD650? Is JMoney still on this?     I am thinking of getting HD280 ear cushions for HD650. If someone could tell me the dimensions of HD280 ear...
  4. udauda

    WTB: DAMAGED Sennheiser HD600 & HD650 ear cushions

    I am looking for a pair of HEAVILY DAMAGED Sennheiser HD600 & HD650 ear cushions.  As long as the plastic platforms are intact, I am willing to pay $18 + shipping for a damaged pair.   PM me.
  5. udauda

    Kenwood HD60GD9 tests

    Kenwood claim their DAPs are superior to others in term of sound quality. Let's take a look at what they have to say about HD60GD9:   Quote from Kenwood:   Even with my clumsy translation, you still get the idea. Apart from what the manufacturer claims, Kenwood DAPs have been highly...
  6. udauda

    Complete list: headphone measurement websites

    - Utilizing Head-and-Torso Simualtors (HATS)  [US]** 2 [US]* 1, 2 [US] InnerFidelity** 2, 6 [US] JHSaudio* 1 [US]** 2   - Using DIY setups (silicone tube, human head, etc) 4 [DE] Head-Fi user big-ban 3 [FR] 2 [JP] adc's blog 2, 4...
  7. udauda

    The developer of CD3000 & R10 ??

    Does anyone happen to know the name of the head engineer who developed Sony MDR-CD3000 & R10? This page clearly indicates who the engineer is for e888 & Qualia; However, I do not think I've ever seen a name regarding the developments of CD3000 & R10.
  8. udauda

    measurements of KENWOOD mp3s?

    Does NEbody have measured data on any of thos Kenwood MP3s? I really want to know the real specs of Kenwood players. (can't trust the pdfs from Kenwood) M1Gc7 M2Gc9 hd10Ga7 hd10Gb7 hd10Gb9 hd20Ga7 hd20Gb7 hd30Ga7 hd30Ga9 hd30Gb7 hd30Gb9 etc... If you're happened to be the owner...
  9. udauda

    FS: iPod Video Black 30Gb No Scratch + Pictures Added

    [Now For Sale] The reason why I am selling this iPod is that I might transfer from iPod to Vision:M. Nothing is wrong with the iPod at all, it's just Radio/Recording capability is a huge factor to me. I bought the iPod Video about 2 months(an a half maybe) ago, and applied the protective...
  10. udauda

    WTB: Sony MDR-CD3000

    Title says it all I was gonna buy bahamaman's pair, but it seems i was too late. Just in case, Im looking for a good conditioned CD3000. Send me a PM.
  11. udauda

    [D-EJ01] Probs with Ejection Lever! HELP ME!!!!!!!

    Hi. I have this SONY D-EJ01 CDP. It's been taken care of really well since I bought this on Ebay. Had no probs at all. Never dropped or something. Yesterday, I tried to push the injection lever(Which is located on the right side of the CDP. It's metallic and shiny) to insert a cd. (I...
  12. udauda

    WTB: Rega Ear

    Any Condition is acceptable! Thank you.
  13. udauda

    Is Grado's chief engineer really dead?

    Hey. I heard Grado's chief engineer, John Chapis, is dead. Is it for real? He is the guy who carpented the RS's mahogany housings, right? Then who is going to carve the RS-1? Would you tell me the truth, guys? PLZ tell me he is not dead.