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  1. voja

    How to set up a website? (help with opening a website)

    I know that the Head-Fi community has expertise in all types of fields, so I thought I'd reach out for help. I need to open my website by the end of April, I want to take it to a higher level and have my own website. I have quite a few challenges which are presenting an obstacle for doing so...
  2. voja

    Are these German, 1984, almost 40 year old active speakers a good choice as a studio monitor?

    So I came across a rather rare deal. A brand which doesn't show up often for sale on the used market, especially in this price range. I am talking about Backes&Muller, also known as just B&M. I came across the Delta model, which at its time cost 3600 DM (Deutsche Mark), it is up for sale for 480...
  3. voja

    What is your worst purchase? The purchase you regret the most?

    I wondered what are your worst purchases and the ones that you regret the most.. the ones which you would time travel and not make. You can mention audio related stuff or if you regret something so much in life then mention it *shrug*