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  1. Pappucho

    Sony ZX1 FOR SALE

    EDIT (08/25/2015) NOW OFFICIALLY FOR SALE     Selling my second owner ZX1.  In overall pretty good cosmetic condition.  There's a small ding on one of the corners, please see pics of of the ZX1.  Comes with original box and all original accesories.  Will include a Cruzerlite case and original...
  2. Pappucho

    FS: Brand New AK120 MK1 FINAL PRICE DROP

    I picked this up in  a trade and am currently leaning towards selling it.  Send me a PM if you're interested.   It's completely new although I did take it out to test it out :), couldn't resist.  Other than opening it and taking it out, it's brand spanking new. See pics of actual unit.  FREE...
  3. Pappucho

    RSA The Lightning F-35, fully balanced portable amp Review: 35 more F-35 amps at intro price . . .

    Just to clarify, are you guys talking about or These are two different sites.
  4. Pappucho

    VentureCraft new DDC/DAC Go-DAP DD Socket 1 product

    Sorry, that's the upgrade price if you buy an amp and add the MUSES01 option, not available separately. And yes, its real from a reputable supplier.
  5. Pappucho

    Portaphile Thread

    Hi Fungus, that's very odd.  The power switch completely disconnects the battery from the circuit so it shouldn't be discharging when you power it off.  If you'd like to ship it to me to get checked out, I'd be more than happy to take a look at it.  Contact me via PM or email me through the...
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  9. Pappucho

    Heir Audio 8.A

    I'm interested, just sent you a PM.
  10. Pappucho

    So, I'm looking for that perfect amp...

    The Portaphile 627 uses a voltage booster to get over 18Vs to the opamps, 3 x OPA627s (L, R, & G) plus two BUF634s per channel (for a total of 6) to provide enough current for current hungry headphones.
  11. Pappucho

    Portaphile 627 vs Portaphile 627x

    He posted some impressions in the Portaphile Appreciation thread.
  12. Pappucho

    Portaphile Thread

    Officially there's a two year parts and labor warranty, you just cover the shipping.  Unofficially I will still fix it as long as I'm alive and you cover the shipping!  Shoot me a PM with the buyer's name and we can discuss it there.  Thanks!
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  16. Portaphile 627X

    Portaphile 627X

  17. Pappucho

    WTB: Altman Tera, Any cosmetic condition, any Version

    Looking to buy an Altman Tera, any version in any cosmetic condition.  Please send me a PM if you have one to sell and your asking price.  Thanks for your consideration! 
  18. Pappucho

    Portaphile Thread

      Sorry about that, been a little busier lately than usual.  Repaired amp is on it's way back to you and an email has been sent.  Happy listening!
  19. Pappucho

    Larocco PRII, Silver

    Used Larocco PRII in silver.  Not in Mint condition but not abused.  I don't think the internal battery charger is working so just in case:  DONT CHARGE BATTERIES IN IT.   Runs fine off of two nine volt batteries.   Has the black gate capacitor upgrade and comes with two AD744's installed. ...
  20. Pappucho

    XM6 + OPA627?

    Quote:   Actually, the extra buffers help with low impedance headphones where more current is needed, not high impedance headphones (ie orthos).  The amp in that review has two buffers per channel, not three as you noted.  Although, the amp in that review does have three active channels>...
  21. Pappucho

    Portaphile 627 Review

    Mike of has just reviewed the Portaphile 627.