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  1. swesko

    Looking for Legend X

    I'm looking for a pair for Legend X, it has to be in very mint condition. I sold my u18t because of fit problems then decided not shell out big money for iems I dont use much but my wallet is itching. So if anyone has one right now, I'm offering 1700usd
  2. swesko

    [FS] Mint 64Audio u18t

    I just realised i don't listen to music much anymore so i'm offloading my gear I have a mint u18t with everything included as new wit unworn MandarinES tips included. The stock cable was just exchanged 3 weeks ago because the first one had some manifacturing defect. I'm outside the Eu/US but i...
  3. swesko


    Hello I I have a mint u18t to sell or trade for EE LX + cash for me These are 2 weeks old so practically brand new. They come with everything included. I'm asking 2450 including shipping with Fedex international shipping.
  4. swesko

    WTB ibasso DX200

    Looking for Ibasso Dx200 to ship internationally (Morocco) max 750 usd all inclusive. That's what I have in my paypal balance and have to clear it before I send it back to my BA
  5. swesko

    [Sold] FS Westone W80

    For sale, i have mint westone w80 bought in August 2017, used maybe 100hours, with everything included, the faceplates and other tips hacent even been opened. looking for a quick sale for 900 USD Paypal fees and shipping are not included unless you send as a gift, i already bought from a headfi...
  6. swesko

    [Sold]OPPO HA-2

    Selling my mint OPPO HA-2 USED maybe 30 houra. Comes with everything the box has a lilttle tear on the rihht side(my 2yr old tried to open it) Pp fees included shipping is on you
  7. swesko

    A Dap

    Hi, Looking for a DAP with wifi, bluetooth, usb audio out, running Android. I dont care about audio quality as i will be pairing with an external dac. M2s looked nice until i saw it doesnt have wifi so no streaming :/
  8. swesko

    FS Westone W60 Price drop

    For sale, 11 months old W60 with everything included i can include new red faceplates as well as the grey ones has cracked. So 2 red faceplate and 1 blue. Never used them. And everything original included Im based in Morocco but can ship worldwide. Paypal fees included and shipping New...
  9. swesko

    W60 vs W40 vs Shure se846

    Hi everyone, i'm listening mainly to my music through my Samsung S8 either through Spotify premium tidal or flac files. I had the HA-2 now 'im waiting for the HA-2SE to arrive. I recently bought the westone w40, i love them but want something else. What would you recommend in W60 vs Shure...
  10. swesko

    IAM and portable DAC

    Hi, I'm new to the forum as you can see but a long time lurker.i love listening to music but I never invested much. 2 years ago I bought the senheiser cx7xx. Didn't like the sound,sounded flat with good lows. Now I will only use the IEM on my s7edge or on my laptop.i mostly listen to good music...