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  1. shisnitty

    IEMs for $300 or less, best value for price?

    Hey all I was looking for new IEMs (my old ones were the discontinued klipsch x10s) for under $300. However all the IEMs from $150-300 seem to pretty good so I can't really pick one and I don't have a particular preference for music   Looking for   Price: Under $300 Sound: No preference...
  2. shisnitty

    Suggestions for a warm open overhead all around headphone that doesn't require amp?

    Looking to get a over head open headphone around $200-250 that's also warm and fun. I don't want the soundstage to be too wide and don't plan on getting an amp so I'm looking for a headphone that doesn't need an amp. Anyone have any suggestions for me to look at?
  3. shisnitty

    Setting the volume on computer or player

    So I got the JDS CD5 and it recommended that I set the player to 75% volume on my laptop, which I assume is itunes. Does this actually do anything or would setting it to 100% volume on itunes work better and then control volume through my amp?
  4. shisnitty

    Upgrade in soundstage and clarity to Klipsch x10s?

    Looking for my next IEM an I was wondering what I could get in the price range of $200 or less that might fit the bill?   I listen to a wide variety of music but value soundstage and clarity over things like bass. I don't really have a sound signature in mind , but it would be nice if it had...
  5. shisnitty

    W3, IE80s, or UE900s?

    I'm hoping one of these will go on a deal soon during cyber monday and was trying to figure out which one to get.   I've realized that I'm not very good at deciding on IEMs based on their pros, so I was wondering instead, what are the cons of each of these products that might make a product a...
  6. shisnitty

    IEM recommendation ($250 max, good soundstage, comfortable)

    I made a thread earlier, but I realized I wanted to change my preferences a bit and see what everyone has to recommend for the new criteria.   Price: $250 max Sound Quality : Clear and excellent soundstage (is this possible with IEMs?) Comfortability: Snug Build quality: don't care what it...
  7. shisnitty

    Looking for good quality IEM deal for Black Friday, Cyber Monday to replace klipsch x10s

    I lost my Klipsch x10s that I got for Black Friday / Cyber monday on amazon last year, forgot which one and was hoping to get something to replace it. Anybody have a list of the mid-tier high-tier IEMs that might be on sale this year of BF/CM?   Preferably equal or better than the Klipsch...
  8. shisnitty

    Difference between IEMs and Headphones in sound quality?

    I'm sure this question has been asked many times before, but I've been having trouble finding answers that go into specifics. Do headphones have better sound quality (considering equal value)? Do IEMs always isolate better? etc.
  9. shisnitty

    Protecting cables and strain relief?

    Going to get my x10s delivered soon, but since they seem to have a reputation for being a little flimsy, I was wondering how people protect the cables and if it would have any affect on the sound. Will regular old tape at the strain relief be sufficient or do people have another way of handling...
  10. shisnitty

    Do I need an amp? Use with laptop and iphone 5

    Just bought my first pair of high quality headphones and earphones to use with my laptop (onboard realtek stuff so probably not much to expect out of it) and my iphone 5.   I got some x10s and m80s, do they need to be ampd? I have no clue in this department and really have no idea how to...
  11. shisnitty

    Question about volume and possible hearing damage

    I've always owned a cheap pair of headphones and just recently purchased online some high quality headphones to try out. I've always had my volume around 30% of max on my iphone and never louder, but realized that a lot of people apparently have it much higher. I want to increase the volume so i...
  12. shisnitty

    crossfade v-moda for $80 or m-80 for $150? (also earphone " Klipsch Image X10 question)

    I was going to get the M-80, but amazon just released their deals and those two have pretty great deals. I don't have a single "hi-fi" earphone or headphone, so I was wondering if the improvements of the m-80 are worth paying the extra $70+  for. Also since the x10s are incredibly "relatively"...