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  1. Venture Guy

    SOLD: Yaxi Pads for ATH-MSR7b and MSR7

    Got them yesterday and used for about an hour. Price includes PayPal and Shipping...
  2. Venture Guy

    FOUND: Massdrop x Fostex TR-X00

    If you have a pair (of the R version with factory removable cables) that you want to sell, shoot me a PM...
  3. Venture Guy

    WTB: Metrum Aurix

    If you have one of these that is gathering dust, PM me :)
  4. Venture Guy


    On offer is a three week old QLS QA361. I am the first owner; purchased directly from QLS. Half a dozen charge cycles. Gold color. Includes all original accessories and packaging. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping in CONUS. No trades, thanks.
  5. Venture Guy

    SOLD: Massdrop x THX AAA™ 789 Linear Amplifier

    One month old and in pristine condition. Includes all original packaging and accessories. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. No trades, thanks.
  6. Venture Guy


  7. Venture Guy

    SOLD: Taction Kannons... Best Offer

    I finally got these and listened to them for a few hours... While they are really neat, they are not my SS. Condition is like new. Come with all original accessories. Price includes PayPal and shipping. No trades, thanks.
  8. Venture Guy

    SOLD: Stax SRM-353X... 5 weeks old

    On offer is a 5 week old 353X. Perfect condition. Includes all original packaging and a copy of the invoice from Elusive Disc dated 2/9/2018 in the unlikely event you will need to take advantage of the 1 year warranty. PayPal and shipping included. Not interested in trades.
  9. Venture Guy

    SOLD: Stax SR-L300... 15 days old

    Decided to dip my toe into the electrostat world with these entry level headphones. Well, the electrostat monster pulled me down the rabbit hole and compelled me to upgrade. Like new. Come in original packaging with invoice from Elusive Disc dated 2/5/2018 in the unlikely event that you need to...
  10. Venture Guy

    FOUND ONE: Schiit Loki Dedicated DSD DAC

    If you have one that is gathering dust, PM me...
  11. Venture Guy

    SOLD: Symbio Wide Bore Tips

    I have an unused starter set (Sm, Md, Lg) of Symbio Wide Bore tips in the original package. I got them thinking I would need them for an incoming IEM... didn't. I pay shipping.
  12. Venture Guy


    This is a couple of months old; condition is 9/10. I got it while I was waiting for my new DAP to arrive. Comes with all original packaging and cable. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Not looking for trades.
  13. Venture Guy

    Sold: AKG N90Q

    I bought these about six months ago and used them for about a month while I was waiting for my 'stats to arrive. So, 9/10 with all original accessories and packaging. Price includes PayPal and USPS. Not interested in trades.
  14. Venture Guy

    Wanted: Massdrop x Grace Design Standard DAC

    PM if you've got one...
  15. Venture Guy


    I bought these along with a couple of other highly rated headphones to audition while I was waiting for my Sonoma Acoustics Model One to arrive. They were in rotation for a couple of months, so very lightly used. If I didn't have the Model One these would be keepers. I never realized how noisy...
  16. Venture Guy

    SOLD: Audioquest Nighthawk/Nightowl Pads

    As an original Nighthawk owner I was curious to hear the sonics of the new pads that became available with the Carbon line. I bought both the Boost and Microsuede pads, listened to each them for a couple of hours and decided I liked the originals better, so they are as new in the original...
  17. Venture Guy

    SOLD Brainwavz B400 Quad BA IEM

    I got these last week based @Brooko's stellar review. And, they do sound great. Unfortunately, I have difficult to fit ears, and they just weren't comfortable :angry:. I put about an hour on them. So, before I return them, I am offering them for what I would get back from Brainwavz. They are...
  18. Venture Guy

    WTB: Neco Soundlab V5

    PM me if you've got one to sell...
  19. Venture Guy

    WTB: Neco Soundlab V5

    PM me if you've got one...
  20. Venture Guy

    Sold! Sennheiser HD 650 Taken To The Next Level

    While I've been waiting for my Eikons to show up, I thought I would find out what all the hoopla regarding modified HD 650s was all about. The bottom line is that the right mods take the 650 to the next level. These are about 3 months old and have the following mods:   1) Removed the rear...
  21. Venture Guy

    Sold! iPod Touch 6th Gen 32GB... As New In Blue

    On offer is a one month old iPod Touch 6th Gen 32 GB in original packaging with all accessories included and unused. I got this as a gift. I am a committed Android user, so just played with it a little bit. It is the beautiful blue color and is as new. I pay shipping via USPS, you cover PayPal...
  22. Venture Guy

    SOLD: Audioquest Ultra Suede Pads for NightHawk/NightOwl

    I got a pair of NightHawks for Christmas and instantly fell in love. I was curious how the US pads would sound vs. the Classics. I put about 2 hours on these and decided I like the original tuning better. Ergo, these are like new, in the original packaging. They cost me $70 F.O.B. my door. I'll...
  23. Venture Guy

    Riva Turbo X Bluetooth Speaker

    On offer is a lightly used Riva Turbo X Bluetooth Speaker. I would rate the condition as 9/10; it has been used indoors only in a smoke-free environment, mostly plugged in. Purchased in March, it includes all original accessories and packaging, plus the $29.00 travel bag (which I never used). It...
  24. Venture Guy

    SOLD! CEntrance DACport Slim... Better Than New

    On offer is a pristine DACport Slim. I say better than new, because I burned it in for 200 hours, which substantially improved the sound over OOTB. I liked it so much after burn-in that I decided to upgrade to the DACport HD. Comes in original package with USB cable. $75 shipped in CONUS; you...
  25. Venture Guy

    WTB: Pono Music Player... Black

    If you have a Black Pono Music Player and want to sell it for a reasonable price, I want to buy it. Just to put in perspective what I consider to be reasonable: I just bought a nine month old one in perfect condition from a Head-Fi'er for $175, so reasonable would not be $300. Aloha...