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    [SOLD] HD6XX

  2. silvrr

    [SOLD] Bottlehead Crack (choke and cap upgrade) - $250

    Modi is sold. HD6XX add here:
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    [SOLD] HD6XX

    Price drop.
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    {SOLD} Raspberry Pi + Digi + Pro + Case = Awesome Hi Res Player

    Selling my raspberry Pi based player. For those that don't know about these read the thread linked below. Only selling because I don't really have time to listen anymore so I want someone else to get some use out of it. The package will arrive ready to plug into power and connect to the...
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    [SOLD] HD6XX

    Picture attached
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    [SOLD] HD6XX

    Selling my HD6XX, they are in great condition however, I don't have much time to listen to them anymore and if I did I could really used a closed back set. What you get: HD6XX Original Box Original Cable Additional cable (longer cable they sent out after some complaints) Condition: Like new, I...
  7. silvrr

    [SOLD] Bottlehead Crack (choke and cap upgrade) - $250

    Got a ton of interest overnight so I am marking this as sold. Olumm PM incoming.
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    Schiitcago 2017 Impressions

    Let try the picture thing again.... Finally two from the 2ch listening room...
  9. silvrr

    Schiitcago 2017 - 9/17/17

    Here are some pictures from the meet. Thanks @ThePianoMan for getting things setup and Schiit for sending out the gear and providing the space.
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    Schiit Jotunheim w/ DAC {SOLD}

    Thanks, good idea. If only they put as much effort into getting basic functions of the forum working as they did getting advertising space setup maybe we wouldn't have to use these workarounds.
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    Schiit Jotunheim w/ DAC {SOLD}

    Yes this is sold. It was closed under the old forum but this new one is horrible and can't even show a closed thread.
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    Crack;Bottlehead OTL

    Has anyone seen any good instructions of the FAQ #3 mod for the resistors on the input or for the choke on the power supply circuit? Pretty sure I understand them, however, wouldn't mind having a go-by or something to reference off of.
  13. silvrr

    Schiit Jotunheim w/ DAC {SOLD}

    Putting my Schiit Jotunheim with DAC module up for sale. I bought the Jot from the original owner on another forum. I purchased the DAC module directly from Schiit and installed it. Everything functions perfectly and there are no cosmetic flaws. I can provide pictures if needed but it looks...
  14. silvrr

    HIFIMAN on Wood

    Take a look at the Bowers & Wilkins 800 series. Made from laminated wood. I agree with the sentiment of who wrote this and having someone in marketing or even a technical person write would have sold it much better. Simply using the term laminate and not plywood would have gone a long way...
  15. silvrr

    Focal Elear w/ Custom Cable

    Have a Focal Elear for sale.  Like new condition.       What you will receive:   Focal Elear Headphone Stock 1/4 cable Custom Cable ( )  ...