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  1. Digitalis

    What computer speakers to get?

    That review was from 2010. I have recently had a chance to listen to the Schiit Vidar, a Class A/B amp 100W @ 8 ohm. Going price 699 USD, It's not bad at all, and can drive pretty much anything in the realm of bookshelf speakers.
  2. Digitalis

    Creative Sound Blaster X7 - Detailed Review & Impressions

    This should work fine. Correct, however most subwoofers are actively powered and shouldn't need anything more than a pre-amp for the signal.
  3. Digitalis

    Post pics of your computer rigs here.

    Here is mine - my speakers are presently sitting on bar stools as I'm working on making my owns stands for them. All the bought speakers stands are either horrible or hideously expensive. The ones i'm working on should match my solid Jarrah desk.
  4. Digitalis

    Creative Sound Blaster X7 - Detailed Review & Impressions

    The X7 itself cannot directly power more than two speakers, I'd suggest getting a 5 channel external power amp, Like the Emotiva A-500 - and use the X7 as a pre-amp.
  5. Digitalis

    Carpets Matter.

    Funny thing is studio recordings are made in environments that are intentionally acoustically damped as possible. I'm a musician, very few concert halls I have performed in have solid wood floors, and those halls sound very different when empty Vs when they are full of people. I can't stand the...
  6. Digitalis

    Star Citizen

    The problem with this is the EVE community is pretty toxic, and would in all probability discourage newcomers to the genre.
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    Which microphone with open headphones?

    I recently got a Neat Bumblebee USB mic: The build quality of this mic is unreal. In a word: solid. It uses a single 24mm cardioid mic capsule. The mic boom allows for the mic to be placed in such a way the sound from my mechanical keyboard is minimized. It also has a spiffy 96khz recording...
  8. Digitalis

    Creative Sound Blaster X7 - Detailed Review & Impressions

    I'm not in the habit of leaving things like PCs running continuously, I turn off my X7 when I'm done with it. But I have mine set up in a set it and forget it manner. I'm sorry to hear of your woes with the X7 - there is a ghost in the machine and it likes to scream. Changing the positioning/...
  9. Digitalis

    Creative Sound Blaster X7 - Detailed Review & Impressions

    I have been considering expending my audio set up to a full 5.2* setup for HT - to accomplish this, I intend to use the creative X7 FR/FL, RR/RL and C/sub 3.5mm jacks, some 3.5mm to RCA splitters get an Emotiva A-800 multi zone power amp [each channel has its own discrete unbalanced L/R RCA...
  10. Digitalis

    Suggestions on how to use Creative X7

    You might have a ground loop on your hands. i'm using an internal creative X-FI Titanium soundcard connected to my X7 over optical - this completely sidesteps the ground loop issue. Sound quality is excellent. Though curiously I have heard reports that the frequency response over optical is...
  11. Digitalis

    Creative Sound Blaster X7 - Detailed Review & Impressions

    If properly designed, a first order crossover on low powered speakers isn't inherently a bad thing - but it is a cheap wuss out move no matter how you slice it. Yes the RP-160M's need a fair amount of breathing room - i'm fortunate to be able to supply that. To be completely honest, the RP160s...
  12. Digitalis

    Effect of Materials (Wood/Metal/Plastic) on Sound

    No single driver provides uniformly flat response over the entire 10hz~20khz frequency range, though due to rigidity and low moving mass metal drivers in some headphones and IEMs come very close to accomplishing this. The reasons for metal being used in them may well have more to do with the...
  13. Digitalis

    Are you a console or PC gamer?

    Wacom tablets have saved me from RSI too. The R.A.T 7 mouse also helped quite a bit. Though I still get wrist strain issues with my Saitek Rhino X55 HOTAS, though strangely I find wearing a pair of finger-less weightlifter bitch gloves eliminate the issue.
  14. Digitalis

    Creative Sound Blaster X7 - Detailed Review & Impressions

    Then I would recommend you look into the following speakers Passive speakers - if you intend to power speakers from the X7 5 way binding posts, preferably using banana plugs. Klipsch RP150M - the RP160Ms smaller brother. i'm talking 2" smaller in every dimension, even then they are still big...
  15. Digitalis

    Effect of Materials (Wood/Metal/Plastic) on Sound

    With Condenser and electret microphones you're right, the possible exception here would be ribbon mics. If the recordings have the acoustic properties of metal then how do you expect a driver that is not made of metal (Eg.Paper) to be able to reproduce the recording without the driver...
  16. Digitalis

    Effect of Materials (Wood/Metal/Plastic) on Sound

    Nice thought: but at the time those phonos with horns music recording technology was frankly, abysmal compared to current recording technology. Back then, sound systems could hardly handle frequency ranges outside of 125hz~8khz with a 10dB dynamic range, noise floors were incredibly high. Today...
  17. Digitalis

    Dishonored 2

    I'm really starting to appreciate the level design in D2, in the original game there were some points that made it almost impossible to complete a ghost run. There are more options in D2 that make a ghost/no-kill run more of an enjoyable challenge. Though I have to say early investment in the...
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    Best gaming mice

    On the "show your PC rig" thread on here, It is a delight to see how many RAT Mice show up.
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    Effect of Materials (Wood/Metal/Plastic) on Sound

    As an Addendum to my post I will point out that recordings of the human voice are still subject to the qualities of metal, gold sputtered Mylar diaphragms are commonly used in microphones - ribbon mics with microscopically thin metal elements are seeing a resurgence in popularity. I personally...
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    Anybody figured out the new site yet?

    "you have a huge base of great people here that would have your backs had you just given the facts beforehand" On the internet, particularly funding platforms and online fora maintaining transparency is very important. The lack of transparency over this rather seismic shift in platform is going...
  21. Digitalis

    Creative Sound Blaster X7 - Detailed Review & Impressions

    The crackling sound I'm getting from the right channel is persisting. I know it is coming from the X7 - whenever I hear it, I hit the mute key on my keyboard which only affects the optical output on my main PC. If it was a power interference issue it wouldn't it affect both speaker channels...
  22. Digitalis

    Effect of Materials (Wood/Metal/Plastic) on Sound

    As a musician I'll take the opportunity to elaborate on this - Musical instruments have changed a lot over the past 500 years. For instance: the Violin body construction used today is made to pretty exacting standards. In fact: pretty much all modern violins are carbon copies of Antonio...
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    Burson single op-amps
  24. Digitalis

    Are you a console or PC gamer?

    W10 has a lot of incompatibilities with older hardware - forced obsolescence from micro$oft. you might be better off going to W7 - at least you won't have mirco$oft looking over your shoulder every time you need to change a system setting.
  25. Digitalis

    Whisky (or Whiskey) Fi

      There couldn't be a better way to enjoy Talisker!