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  1. monkeysixtysix

    SOLD: Focal Elex with Extra Cable

    Focal Elex up for sale, original owner and in excellent condition. Sound fantastic, but I just am not using them much these days so I have decided to sell them. All original accessories included: Elex themselves, cables, original box, etc. I am also including a Dyson Audio 1.25 meter cable with...
  2. monkeysixtysix

    FS: Audeze LCD-2C Classic with extra Dekoni Pads

    No longer for sale.
  3. monkeysixtysix

    FS: Focal Clear - SOLD

  4. monkeysixtysix

    SOLD: Brand New Sennheiser/Massdrop HD58X

    I’ll take them. PM sent...
  5. monkeysixtysix

    FS: Focal Clear *SOLD*

    Subliminal marketing! :L3000:
  6. monkeysixtysix

    Sony HAP-S1 - 500GB High Res Network Music Player and Integrated Amplifier

    Sony HAP-S1 up for sale. I am the original owner of this unit, works perfectly and is in like new condition.   Description from the Sony website: The HAP-S1 from Sony is a high resolution music player system designed for home audio and featuring an integrated amplifier, 500GB of storage, and...
  7. monkeysixtysix

    Sennheiser HD800

    Forgot to mention that I am not interested in any trades. Thanks.
  8. monkeysixtysix

    Sennheiser HD800

    Hey Guys,   I am selling my Sennheiser HD800 headphones. These were purchased refurbished from Crutchfield in August of last year. They come with the same 2 year warranty as all Sennheiser headphones. They are in mint condition and work perfectly. There is one very small scratch on the right...
  9. monkeysixtysix

    Sennheiser HD800S Unveiled!

    My HD800S arrived today. Just wanted to give a shout out to Jan from Meier Audio. Fabulous costumer service and he gave me a great price. Anyone who doesn't want to wait until they hit the US or wants to save some money (or both), shoot Jan an email. Highly recommended...   I will add some...
  10. monkeysixtysix

    Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

      Awesome review Sorrodje! Thanks for posting...   
  11. monkeysixtysix

    Need help with buying headphones

    Yes, I think the Asus STX would be fine for the 650's! Good luck!
  12. monkeysixtysix

    Need help with buying headphones

      You would probably want to upgrade your sound card or getting an amp eventually...