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  1. whitebar

    Reference CD Material for Amp and Headphone Listening

    The K2 HD disk arrived today. I'm impressed with the lightning fast shipping from FIM as I ordered it Friday evening and received it on Tuesday. After listening tonight, all I can say it that this is amazing sound quality! My system has never sounded so good even though I have other audiophile...
  2. whitebar

    Reference CD Material for Amp and Headphone Listening

    I just placed my order. Thanks for the heads up! I may have to replace my copy of Jazz at the Pawnshop once it comes out in K2 HD.
  3. whitebar

    Urgent! Advise needed on the following speakers

    I'm probably biased on this question because I have been enjoying my JM Lab speakers for years. If possible, I suggest listening to all of them and making up your own mind. Be aware that the system in which you audition them makes a big difference in how speakers sound so it is impossible to...
  4. whitebar

    Diana Krall: Look of Love - Weird Sonics?

    Where are the errors in the Nora Jones disks? I'd like to check them out. Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by Herandu There are quite a number of "errors" on that disc, just like on most of the Nora Jones's ones. I actually use that disc to check out the accuracy of the...
  5. whitebar

    Rega Saturn...First impressions:

    I find the Senn 650 has wonderful synergy with the Saturn when using the Zu Mobius-2. The sound is not muddy, dark, or laid back. I bet the cables are making the difference. Different amps could also factor into the equation. Currently, I'm enjoying the sound of my Woo 3 with Amperex USA 6922s...
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    Which Cable for My HD650s

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ichinichi if you do end up getting the Zu be sure to grab v2 as it is purportedly more flexible than its predecessor. X2...The Mobius-2 is a wonderful upgrade over the old Mobius. The new cloth-like jacket solves the microphonics problem that bothered...
  7. whitebar

    Do HD650s really NEED new cables?

    Quote: Originally Posted by xedan 3rG DtNx Makes a difference if you have a good set up, not worth the cost if you dont have a good set up. x2
  8. whitebar

    Cables for testing!

    Zu has a new cable called the Mobius-2. It has a flexible cloth like jacket which exhibits no noise when moved around so microphonics is not an issue. It is also very light weight. I'm still burning mine in so I'll wait to say anything about how it sounds but I would recommend adding it to your...
  9. whitebar

    Balanced Zu Mobius v2 Arrived

    Quote: Originally Posted by insomniac Took delivery of the new Zu Mobius v2 today. I got the balanced version. I won't say much about the sound until after it's run in a bit, but right off the bat it seems to have a smoother sound than v1. Quote: Originally Posted by...
  10. whitebar

    Balanced Zu Mobius v2 Arrived

    Here is a link to an even better photo of the Mobius-2. Click on the photo to check it out.
  11. whitebar

    Balanced Zu Mobius v2 Arrived

    I located an article with photos of the new Zu Mobius-2 on a Japaneese website earlier this week. Here is a link to a google translation to english. When I contacted Zu about U.S. availability, the follow reply came back: Quote...
  12. whitebar

    Most similar to a Zu?

    I have made arrangements to purchase a new Zu Mobius-2 Senn cable. Once it arrives and gets burned in, I'll post my impressions of it connected to the Senn 650. New toy coming... I can't wait!
  13. whitebar

    Most similar to a Zu?

    I just contacted Zu about the Mobius 2 and received the following reply: Quote: May 1st! Trying to keep up with Japan now.... They are awesome. Let me know if you have additional questions or comments.
  14. whitebar

    Most similar to a Zu?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jacob23 If you like zu sound,I make suggestion that you consider upcoming Zu Mobius MK2 too. It seems Zu Mobius MK2 has already come out in Japan now. (This is a japanese site.Sorry...) According...
  15. whitebar

    yet another tubez luv pic (huge pic, warning!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Afrikane Some good tube luvving so far. Here is a pair of WE300Bs doing their magic. Oh Man, those WE300Bs are amazing. Excellent Photo!
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    Which Sennheiser replacement cables are available?

    Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda it looks nice. doesn't say what it is made from. i assume for that price it is pure copper. don't know though. even so, could be a steal at $69. Has anyone listened to this cable with...
  17. whitebar

    Woo is me

    I hope you enjoy your new amp tonight. It will get even better over the next few days as you burn it in!
  18. whitebar

    How much have you spent on tubes for your amp recently?

    Since buying my Woo 3 in January, I have gone nuts purchasing tubes for it. The search has been fun and I really enjoy rolling them around. The search for the perfect tube can be an interesting quest. I have also found that I like different tube combinations with different CDs. Tube rolling...
  19. whitebar

    Wooaudio made Here?

    My Black Woo 3 was made in the US. I believe he makes all his amps here.
  20. whitebar

    What Do I need to enhance Sennheiser 650 or 595

    I own both those cans and prefer the 650s by leaps and bounds. However, without an amp, the 595 is a better choice because it requires less power. An amp will help the 595 but it is a requirement with the 650 IMO. Your decision on which one really all depends on where you want to end up and how...
  21. whitebar

    Heed Canamp, Gilmore Lite or Darkvoice 332 for HD600

    The Woo 3 is also in your price range so you might consider it as well. Mine arrived in a week. If you can find one on the Sale Forums, you might score some good NOS tubes with it as well. The Woo 3 is an excellent amp with my HD-650s and I've read it is great with the 600s too. Good luck...
  22. whitebar

    Question on amp for HD 650's

    I really enjoy the Woo 3 with my HD650s. Maybe you can find a used one in your price range that includes some NOS tubes as well. This amp is magic with what it does to the 650s. It is very detailed and musical.
  23. whitebar

    Tubes versus Solid State?

    I currently have a Woo 3 tube amp that I love but am considering getting a SS amp as well. I feel it might give me more options with different styles of music.
  24. whitebar

    eddie current ec-ss

    Any new news on when these will be released? TTVJ's site says early February. It seems the release date has been pushed back several times so I'm just wondering the current status. Thanks!