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  1. larcenasb

    6SN7GT & 6F8G - An exploration of WWII-era octal tubes

    I was encouraged to make a new thread for this, so here we go. These are just my impressions of some WWII-era 6SN7GT and 6F8G tubes—a handful of American treasures that I collect...well, collect and enjoy like fine wine. :) I've written this some months ago, but kept revisiting and adding to it...
  2. larcenasb

    WTB: AKG K500/K501

    If anyone can let go of a pair for $100, I'd love to have 'em. I'm willing to work out a fair price, but I hope to buy from someone well-off, willing to sell for a little less. :) Also, I'm looking for a pair with pads that haven't sunken in or discolored, and from a U.S. seller to avoid steep...
  3. larcenasb

    WTB: Tung-Sol/Chatham 6AS7G tubes

    I'm looking to buy two of these tubes, hopefully for a reasonable price. PM me please if you have some just collecting dust. Thanks and happy listening!
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