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  1. dwong

    For Sale: Campfire Audio Vega IEMs (excellent condition)

    For sale, I am selling my Campfire Audio Vega IEMs with stock cable. I purchased this new on 12/8/2016. They are in excellent condition. I will include the original packaging and carrying case. I am selling because I don't really use IEMs anymore. Selling for: $1000 USD shipped via Paypal...
  2. dwong

    FS: Sennheiser HD 800 S

    For sale I have my Sennheiser HD800 S. It is in excellent condition and has been kept in a smoke free and pet free home. I am selling these, along with my other audio gear, as I am losing interest in the hobby and no longer use them. They will come with the original box, 1/4" cable and balanced...
  3. dwong

    SOLD: Violectric Audio HPA V281

    For sale, I have a Violectric Audio HPA V281 balanced headphone amplifier. I purchased this new last year in December of 2016. I am selling this because I am getting rid of most of my audio gear, due to falling out of interest with this hobby. The amplifier is in immaculate condition and has...
  4. dwong

    SOLD: Singxer SU-1 USB Bridge

    For sale I have a Singer SU-1 USB Bridge that was purchased new last year. It is in mint condition, with no dents or scratches. I am selling off a bunch of my audio gear, as I've been falling out of this hobby. This unit has been maintained in a smoke free and pet free home. Price: $SOLD USD...
  5. dwong

    SOLD: Holo Audio Spring Level 1

    For sale I have a Holo Audio Spring Level 1 "Base Model" that was purchased new from Kitsune Hifi last year. I did not make any modifications or upgrades to this model. It is in mint condition with no visible dents or scratches. I don't have as much time to dedicate to this hobby, and my audio...
  6. dwong

    Sennheiser RS 220 [wireless]

    I have a set of Sennheiser RS 220s for sale. I purchased these one year ago, but do not use them as much to justify keeping them. They are a very comfortable set of cans, and awesome to use around the house due to it being a wireless set. Reviews say they are comparable to the HD600s. They are...
  7. dwong

    NEW ATH-AD900X in box

    I have a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-AD900x that is up for sale.  By far the most comfortable headphones I have worn.  They also have sublime soundstage that has made me turn my head plenty of times while gaming.   $10 shipping within the USA. Will accept payment via Paypal (+4% fees) or...
  8. dwong

    Dunu DN-1000 (like new, free shipping!)

    For sale I have a pair of like-new "metallic" Dunu DN-1000's which I purchased new and have kept in a smoke free home for one week.  I listened to them for less than an hour after a 5 hour burn-in.  A great pair of IEMs with wonderful amounts of bass- but ultimately not the sound signature that...
  9. dwong

    FS: Valab NOS DAC $140 shipped

    I have a Valab DAC for sale which I purchased from vintage_audio_labs on eBay in February of 2009.  The DAC is in great condition, works perfectly like new, and most importantly, still has that beautiful sound that it had produced when I first got it.  I am selling it because it no longer sees...
  10. dwong

    WTB Audio-GD HDAM Extension Lead Wire

    Looking for an Audio-GD HDAM Extension lead wire to hook my Moon HDAM to my Head-Direct EF1 without paying the premium shipping from Audio-GD in China. Shoot me a PM if you have an extra one.
  11. dwong

    Poll: ESW9 or IE8

    For those that own both- if you could only have one, which would you choose?
  12. dwong

    How portable are the ESW9's?

    I'm starting to save up for my next portable headphone purchase, and debating between a higher end IEM (right now it's between the IE8's and Westone 3's) and Audio-Technica ESW9's. Isolation is really not an issue, and I can live without it. The main thing is convenience since I'll be using them...
  13. dwong

    SOLD: Like-New Keces DA-151MkII [ConUS] - SOLD

    Selling a like new Keces DA-151MkII because I have no need for 2 DACs. Unit is in great condition condition but has some very faint surface scratches on the smokey plexiglass on the bottom left corner, which I'm having a hard time capturing on camera (it's really that hard to notice). It has...
  14. dwong

    Jazz guitar suggestions?

    Recently, I listened to John Scofield's A Go Go album and loved it. Any suggestions of albums/artists that sound similar?
  15. dwong

    Versatile Internal Sound card ~$200, Any Suggestions?

    I will be building a new desktop rig soon for a friend and was wondering if there are any suggestions for a sound card that would be good for gaming, music, and movies for ~$200 or less. He won't be using an external DAC and will be using this mostly with his Audioengine A5's. I've been looking...
  16. dwong

    Swans M10s to Audioengine A2's a big step up?

    I'm a new member here and I have been reading the forums around here pretty religiously for the past few days. After doing a lot of research for the past two weeks I finally settled on a set of Swans M10's for ~$120 with shipping, which are currently coming in the mail. My question is would the...