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  1. LazerBear

    Klipsch S4a Review

    Note: please forgive the lack of pictures. I do not feel they are necessary since the S4a have been recently discontinued and I don’t believe they will have a big market anymore. For the same reason, I tried to keep it (relatively) brief and concise.  Note 2: this is the second review I ever...
  2. LazerBear

    Recommendations to upgrade TV sound on a budget

    (Following is a short intro, feel free to skip if not interested)   Hey all, since a couple of years ago I've been getting into audiophile gear, but mostly for portable use. I've got some decent lower mid-level phones (amperior, xba-a1), and a good understanding of the various related brands...
  3. LazerBear

    XBA-A1 / EPH-100 / x11

    Hey all, just looking for a quick opinion, I have an opportunity to get one of the following IEMs at about the same price and not really sure which to go with. I'm looking for a good all-rounder, not completely flat but not super V-shaped either. I listen to all genres (metal, classical, house...
  4. LazerBear

    Portable over-the-ear headphones with decent isolation around 300$

    Hey all,   I'm in the market for a portable pair of over-the-ear headphones. My ideal pair would have:   1) Good isolation: I tried the Momentum and liked the sound but isolation was not quite there. I am going to use these commuting a lot. 2) Good sound: quite easy at this price point, I...