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  1. Amarphael

    Shure SE846CL SOLD

    Sold These were purchased in December 21016, In fine condition and function. Comes with: original packaging, 2 acoustic filters: Neutral (blue, Installed) and Enhanced Bass (Black), 6 tips of unused black olive foams, Carrying case and 2 cables. Please contact me for a shipping quote. Shipping...
  2. Amarphael

    IC: AKG K1000 Box Letters

    I have a set of box lettering. It's missing a letter "s". Some are a bit twisted but all intact and will take proper form when reglued. Also, A rear foam disc acoustic damper for one of the drivers. In very good condition, Received new from AKG in 2013.} I'd prefer to get rid of both together...
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  4. Amarphael

    Sony Mdr-F1 For Parts

    Hello,   These F1's unfortunately are not functional. Left driver is busted, The PCB was detached in my attempt to restore the lead from the voice coil. Right driver was working before PCB was detached. Right earpad has a substantial tear. The frame it self is cosmetically fine. Included is...
  5. Amarphael

    CI Audio VDA-2 DAC

    VDA-2 is a veteran DAC from CI Audio, Well-respcted here on Head-FI:​​   You can find more technical info and reviews on the company product page:   Based on the PCM1794 D/A chip, It's a very natural and...
  6. Amarphael

    Schiit Modi 2 Uber (230V)

    For sale a Modi2U. Bought March this year at an auction, I'm not the original owner but It's in excellent shape, Just 2 very minor scuffs on top, and perfectly functional. It comes with a 230V wall-wart.   Please contact me for a shipping quote or any additional info. No trades please.
  7. Amarphael

    Stax SR-007A SZ2

    After much misgivings, I am putting my electrostatic setup for sale. With out doubt the best headphone sound I have experienced but my priorites have changed and I am not putting it to good use more than a year now, I also can use the money for my studies.   This Electrostatic System consists...
  8. Amarphael

    Wanted: KGST/KGBH PSU Board

    Hello,   I'm in need to replace the PSU board of my KGSS, If anyone has a spare PSU board of the above please contact me.
  9. Amarphael

    M2tech Evo Digital Interface+Linear Battery PSU

    I'm offering my M2tech Evo set for sale in favor of simplifying my rig and aofr a necessary downgrade. Not looking for any trades at the moment.   EDIT: External Clock has been sold! adjusted price for D2D interface+Linear PSU   Bought it here on these boards just over a year ago...
  10. Amarphael

    Teac AI-501DA Compact integrated w/USB streaming (230V)

    A compact digital integrated amplifier from TEAC's 501 reference line, Outpus 45W at 8 Ohms and double that to 4 Ohm. It's sound is of the clean and transperant school and it's particularly good with "big-bass" speakers. I bought it to use with the AKG K1000 earpseakers but sadly the 120ohm load...
  11. Amarphael

    AMB σ11/Sigma11 5V regulated PSU

    Hello,   This compact 5V unit was professionally built to enhance the perfirmance of any USB device that can accept an external voltage supply, or any other suitable device such as the Squeezebox streamers. I have used it with the SB3 ('Classic') with excellent result- a noticeably blakcer...
  12. Amarphael

    PCB Boards for Krell KSA5 Clone

    Minty boards. Original Version of the PS.   Asking only what i payed for them.   PM with any questions.
  13. Amarphael

    Aune T1 w/Non-functioning DAC (230V)

    The original version, the device is sold as an amp only. The DAC is not recognized by the OS. the tube does light on so i guess the problem lies with the USB reciever chip. I have no time, nor a schematic to work with so i just leave it as is. I one has the means and the knowledge this can be a...
  14. Amarphael

    Looking for advice on water repellent earplugs

    Hello fellas, I have a predicament with my right ear that pretty much requires keeping the ear canal dry at all time, or at least keeping outside water from entering. So I'm looking for earplugs that are basically water repellent. I've been quoted by an audiologist at about 115$ for customized...
  15. Amarphael

    Sony MH1c

    Sony Mh1c in good condition, Ther's a scuff on the back of the rubber back of the right earphone. No biggie, Has no effect on the sound obviously.   Haven't been using them much since I prefer my Fidelios S1 better. I just not much of an IEM guy anyway, Tho it still has that killer smooth...
  16. Amarphael

    AMB Gamma1 (y1) Full Configuration (update)

    This is the fully configured, Fully functional AMB y1 modular DAC, Still one of the best entry-level around after half a decade after it's inception.    Surprisingly spacious and coherent soundstage, very nice organic tonality (as opposed to i.e ODAC), even though it's a sigma-delta based it's...
  17. Amarphael

    Stax SR-407+SRM-323s(230V) Electrostatic Set

    I'd like to sell my secondary electrostatic rig, Which TBH i actually bought out of curiosity rather than long-term ownership. It is perhaps considered a mid-tier rig in Stax's terms but it truly is a great sounding system, delievering a naturally detalied, liquid and smooth sound all across the...
  18. Amarphael

    Sony MDR-1R Black Mint condition

    I'd like to sell my pair because although I do like the sound and amazing comfort, i really need a smaller sized headphones for the road, And i've got a tinge to finally move on in IEM dept' from my good ol' SE530s.   Headphones are in mint condition, 8/10 on audiogon scale. I'm third owner...
  19. Amarphael

    Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9

    Have to sell my precious woodies among other things becasue i don't make use of them enough and could use the money.      Bought april last year by another member from Adorama so they're 100% genuine. In very good condition, pads and headband are plush and clean. no scratches or nicks, i...
  20. Amarphael

    Stax SR-202 earspeakers+ Stax SRD-7mk2 SB Adapter

        Please feel free to PM with any concerns.   Price: 400$SOLD  
  21. Amarphael

    Stax Modified SRM-717 SOLD

    It's due time that i let go of the modded SRM-717 which i purchased about half a year ago:   A description by the previous owner (Audiofiler) depcting the mods that have been made:  ...
  22. Amarphael

    WTB: MHDT Havana

    Looking to buy a unit in good condition, Any offers are welcome.   Thanks for looking.
  23. Amarphael

    Millet Hybrid Minimax

    Hello,   Selling my Millet Minimax in excellent condiotion. It has the BJT output stage, Comes with pretty much all the usual boutique parts listed in the minimax site Minimax site, Coupling caps are the highly regarded Elna Silmic II's and a Nichcon MUSE ES for the left output stage channel...
  24. Amarphael

    FT: Sony MDR-F1 for ATH-AD2000

    I'm looking to trade my MDR-F1 for a nice pair of ATH-AD2000 in good condiotion, will compensate with cash accordingly. The Sony's are in great shape, Not tampered with in any way. In my possesion for the last six months or so, I'm third owner i believe.