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  1. Dimitri

    Problem: Mini to 1/4" adapter noisy with ER6i

    When I use a mini to 1/4" adapter to plug my ER6is into my Ray Samuels XP-7 I get a loud hiss. This doesn't happen when I plug other phones into the amp and the ER6is are dead quiet straight out of my nano. I have two different but similar "nothing special" gold adapters. Anyone have this...
  2. Dimitri

    Blue Ray and HD-DVD on horizon--should I wait for price drops on current universals?

    When is the Blue Ray v. HD-DVD war supposed to start? I'm assuming current DVD-based universal players will drop in price as a consequence...Are the new players going to be here by first quarter 2005? Don't know how long I can wait...need new SA-CD source...
  3. Dimitri

    $2600 for "THE new champion of audio reproduction"?

    In the Shanling T200 thread, Tom Hankins complimented the modwright/Sony 999es. Interested, I read robert H. Levi's review. A quote from it: "As now configured, the ModWright/Sony not only tops all other digital reproduction I've heard to date, but all analog reproduction as well. No phono...
  4. Dimitri

    Portable player recording-->dsd to mp3?

    could I feed sacd signal into an mp3 player's line in and expect it to compress it? Can iriver players do this? I've done it with redbook cd to mp3 on my friend's iriver player... Thanks, Dimitri
  5. Dimitri

    Stevie Wonder/Allman Brothers on SACD

    I've read that we should see the ABB Fillmore concerts sometime soon. I've also read something (I don't remember where) about Stevie Wonder making some SACD releases. Anyone have release dates or other information? Thanks alot, Dimitri
  6. Dimitri

    Are non-musicians worthy critics?

    My friend once said, "If you don't play an instrument, you can't understand the nature of music enough to have taste." While I don't agree with him completely, I think it is hard to find good taste in someone who is not a practicing musician. IMO Unlike art history, a discipline that doesn't...
  7. Dimitri

    Ugh...HD650 buzzing.

    I sat down last night excited to notice post burn-in improvements on my hd650s. I started with Blue Train, a disc I know very well. The first thing I noticed was a vibration in the left earpiece--a fast buzzing vibration produced only at certain pitches. Not on low bass, but accompanying...
  8. Dimitri

    SACDMODS 555es Owners: Upgrading anytime soon?

    It seems that the sacdmods sony 555es is the ultimate value in high-end sacd sources. I am considering tracking down a 555es and having the mods done. But does anyone see a better deal in sacd playback potentially emerging in the next 6 months or so? Should I just replace my ns500v with the...
  9. Dimitri

    portable phones for life in the bronx?

    I live in the bronx and need a portable phone for a subway commute. I consider my area safe, but, as in any urban setting, its best not to present yourself as someone with hundreds of dollars of gear in your bag/hanging from your body. So im looking at cheap portable phones for my pcdp--will the...
  10. Dimitri

    Best replacement cable for HD650?

    Is there a favorite for these phones yet? Equinox? Cardas? Cardas is $40 cheaper... Thanks, Dimitri
  11. Dimitri

    Sound Quest Isolation Feet

    Hi Todd, I was looking to buy some vibrapods to dampen my cd player's vibrations--then I saw Sound Quest Isolation feet on your site. Can I put a few of these under my player? Are they designed to handle more than 10-15 total pounds?
  12. Dimitri

    Will a low room temperature hurt my amp?

    Hi, I had my amp on a table by the window. I noted that it got very cold--is this harmful? how does the cold affect batery life? I actually got fewer hours out of my xp-7 this very cold week. Thanks, Dimitri
  13. Dimitri

    I hate noise!

    Two of my sacds, Kind of Blue and Getz/Gilberto, have noticeable crackling or sizzling noises accompanying the instruments. On various Kind of Blue tracks, I can hear subtle crackling along with the musical tone coming out of the horns. On Getz/Gilberto, I hear loud crackling accompanying the...
  14. Dimitri

    Mint Phil Lesh SACD for trade...

    I have a mint copy of Phil Lesh and Friends "There and Back Again" SACD. This is a single layer disc and cannot be played on redbook machines. I've listened to it a few times--its not what i expected musically, so I'm looking to trade it for another SACD. Anyone interested? Have a nice weekend...
  15. Dimitri

    Basic vinyl setup price

    I was talking to the owner of my local hifi shop yesterday. He was ranting about how he can't even listen to regular cds, and how the new hirez digital formats were passable but vinyl was still better. He said, "I've got a turntable (in stock) for $399 that'll sound better than a $10,000 cd...