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  1. CharlesC

    Dragonfly Black with Raspberry Pi

    I've had a lot of luck running my Dragonfly Black off my Mac. It sounds great. Yesterday I tried running it off the USB port on a Raspberry Pi v. 3 with Volumio loaded. In this configuration the music sounds more distant, almost like it is coming from down the hall (I'm using amp / speakers...
  2. CharlesC

    limits of usb powered DAC/Amps ???

    Hi.  According to Wikipedia the max power that usb can provide a device is 5V, 0.9 amps.  Does this limitation only present an engineering challenge for DAC/Amp designers or is there a definite, line-in-the-sand practical limitation on the ability of a USB powered device to power hard-to-drive...
  3. CharlesC

    Headphones fast and slow

    Hi, I've been listening to my HD598s for about 9 months and like them a lot.  The thing is that I keep reading how they are slow but I don't know what that means.  Can someone please describe how the sound of a fast headphone would be any different than a slow one? Thanks
  4. CharlesC

    DACs for computers, DACs for cd players

    Do you think these statements are generally true or false:   "Moderately priced DACs can benefit a computer audio system quite a lot because built-in computer audio can sound pretty bad.  Moderately priced DACs are not beneficial for component grade CD players because mostly they tend to sound...
  5. CharlesC

    About those expensive USB cables .....

    Ok. I get the whole bit about digital info vs. analog info but I'm particularly interested in USB powered DAC/Amps so I've gotta ask. My rather unscientific observations tell me that the performance of these devices varies with the amount of power that they receive from the source. So my...
  6. CharlesC

    Sennheiser headphones that don't exist

    Is there some technical reason that Sennheiser couldn't make normal impedance versions of their HD 600, 650, 700 or 800 model headphones?  I understand that there are historical and market reasons that they don't, but could they do it, if they wanted to.  I guess the sound wouldn't need to be...
  7. CharlesC

    Man vs. DAC

    Maybe the question is not whether you can tell the difference between 256 and 320 and lossless but whether your DAC can?
  8. CharlesC

    The Price of DACs

    Hi! So, taking Schiit as an example: the price of their highest end DACs and amps is 750% the cost of the lowest end units.  That is quite a spread.  I can understand that kind of spread on amps but I don't see how there can be that much difference on DACs. Given the fact that the Modi is by all...
  9. CharlesC

    Hark! Nick Lowe?

  10. CharlesC

    Momentum Case question

    OK.  This is kind of silly but here goes:   I'm getting the Senn Momentums from my wife for Christmas.  Lucky me.  I'm also planning to get either an HRT Microstreamer or a Dragonfly.  I would like this device to be able to fit in the center compartment of the Momentum's case.  The larger of...
  11. CharlesC