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  1. unkle11

    LISA III Available for Order

    does it come with a normal wall wart? couldn't find a "what's in the box" at the website lol
  2. unkle11

    LISA III Available for Order

    these are so wonderful for my needs, has anybody tried them with 600ohm phones? namely sextetts? i did a search but couldn't really get any info,
  3. unkle11

    Toward higher end DACs

    somehow i doubt if he's plonking down 2k for a DAC that he's going to stick it in a Sharper Image, besides the term "waste" is subjective, you might not feel it is worth it but he might feel otherwise Quote: Originally Posted by Herandu So how much is that CD player going to cost...
  4. unkle11

    AKG K240 Sextett questions

    i would like to know about the pads as well, i think cable upgrade for sextetts has been talked about before, some are worried an upgrade will affect and alter the signature sound
  5. unkle11

    Darkvoice 336i OR Little Dot MKIII

    lol Darkvoice = the voice you hear in a shadowy alley right before you get mugged, the voice you hear from the "woman" you brought home after a drunken night out at the club Little dot = "not to worry sir, thank god you had it checked out soon, the growth now is only the size of a little...
  6. unkle11

    Darkvoice 336i OR Little Dot MKIII

    i think the mk3 took care of that problem also, not to step on anyones toes, i think only those who have heard BOTH should comment on the equipment here Quote: Originally Posted by boatman7 I had a bad experience with the LD. Sounded dead & cold not to mention the overheating...
  7. unkle11

    Toward higher end DACs

    ah yes i should clarify my Beresford MK6 may or may not be the 3 version, errm how do i tell? i got it 2 months ago from another head fier but i can't be sure, don't get me wrong it is a great DAC for the money and i still use it, it is just that IMO the DAC1 is clearly better than MY Beresford...
  8. unkle11

    Toward higher end DACs

    i don't know about that, i just received a DAC1 benchmark a few days ago and right off the bat it is a very big and noticeable improvement over my Beresford 7510, now i'm not saying that just because it is more expensive, the reason i bought the DAC1 was to compare against the Beresford and if i...
  9. unkle11

    HD 600 vs HD 650

    i am glad i found this thread, i am hugely frustrated with my 650s mainly due to the high expectations i have come to have of them after all the glowing reviews and yet to my ears they are soundly beaten by my "lowly" sextetts and MS1s in almost all genres of music. To me the 650s sound overly...
  10. unkle11

    anyone know of crossfeed script for itunes?

    as per title does anyone know of any crossfeed script of plug in etc for itunes on the mac?
  11. unkle11

    Benchmark DAC1 USB voltage change (to 240v)

    off topic, but what is the name of the character on your avatar poo? i remember collecting that series of comics years ago lol
  12. unkle11

    new little dot class T headamp

    yes it is pretty cheap from what i understand the price includes shipping.. i'm currently looking for an amp with crossfeed but at this price it's really tempting
  13. unkle11

    new little dot class T headamp any thoughts?
  14. unkle11

    Holographic Audio EAR ONE

    thanks very much Anders that's very helpful
  15. unkle11

    Holographic Audio EAR ONE

    first off, has anybody heard this amp? Holographic Audio EAR ONE headphone amp i did a search and nothing came up, seems like an interesting little amp with crossfeed, also has anyone ever had any experience with it's dealer? strangely i could not find contact information on the website at...
  16. unkle11

    Best Cans for Jazz?

    i like my MS1s for jazz better than i do HD650, am i weird?
  17. unkle11

    Best Cans for Jazz?

    i have MS1s and i think they beat my 650's for jazz especially in terms of pace and snap and handling of brass (might have to run them in to get rid of the sting)... i still can't find any type of music that i can comfortably enjoy on the senns yet though from what i read the rest of my setup...
  18. unkle11

    Meier Cantate or PreSonus Central Station?

    whoa whoa whoa why the hostility? he didn"t say they were bad, just nothing special... and he's offering his opinions because the OP asked for opinions? if you disagree then go ahead and disagree no need to get nasty Quote: Originally Posted by tomjtx As usual IpodPJ you get it...
  19. unkle11

    Your Music Bitrate

    i just rip using itunes to 192kbps just cos my ears really can't tell anything beyond this bitrate lol however for my favorite albums i'll just go apple lossless, convenience is a big issue for me
  20. unkle11

    Recommend earbuds for exercise

    imo i have those senns and they really do cling on like a cowboy at a rodeo, but they are really abysmal in terms of SQ even for 35 bucks, u might be able to do better with some regular sonys or ATs, surprisingly even the senn licensed buds that came stock with my old iriver sounded much better...
  21. unkle11

    are there such things as HD650 aftermarket pads??

    yes but hair in diaphragm is easily remedied, the dog hair on velour is super annoying, even without the dog i get lint and stuff stuck onto it already, actually i'm more worried about my cans ending up as it's chew toy,
  22. unkle11

    are there such things as HD650 aftermarket pads??

    a search drew up a couple of threads about a guy intending to make aftermarket pads for HD650, does anyone know if theyve been done? or of any vendor selling pads OTHER than velour ones? i'm tending to my friends golden retriever for the next couple months and it's hell to clean dog hair off the...
  23. unkle11

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Underworld's Oblivion with Bells! blows their last album out of the water!
  24. unkle11

    Little Dot II++ or Mini^3 with the HD580? Or maybe something else?

    i don't know about that review you mentioned about the beresford headphone out, i have a mk6 version unmodded and i made a post about it being fatiguing listen, it sounded very nice and spacey at first compared to running my cans from the little dot mk3, but extended listening really got...
  25. unkle11

    Review of Little-Dot MKIVse

    nice review! but i don't think the senns you mentioned are 600 ohms are they? or are there 600 ohm versions like with Beyers? i would really like to know how they would handle sextetts is the reason i ask