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  1. yashu

    Sony MDREX310LP V.S. Klipsch Image S4

    I own the Sonys but I cannot speak for the Klipsch.   The Sonys are extremely comfortable... the way they rest in your ear is actually pretty well thought out. They come with a set of Hybrid tips, and a smaller set of Hybrid tips with foam dampening. The foam is supposed to help sound...
  2. yashu

    ***SWBF2cheaters RANT. Stop the nonsense. My journey as a Reviewer has come to an end***

    I used to say something to people when they would outright dismiss a phenomena without a matching attempt at understanding the larger issue: Everything Matters   I think a lot of what swbf2cheater  brought up in his original post can be attributed to all the things that matter, that people...
  3. yashu

    Final Thoughts: Sony MDR-XB1000 vs. Ultrasone Pro 900. Who is the Bass KING? ** Pictures **

    That's too bad about the platic stuff around the cable entry is simply larger and painted black. The one thing that takes the XB700s away from that "feels nice and expensive/heavy build" feeling are those two parts of the headphone.   A small thing, I know, but the 70mm drivers, larger...
  4. yashu

    ***SWBF2cheaters RANT. Stop the nonsense. My journey as a Reviewer has come to an end***

      Quote:   We are not talking about something as simple as relative amplitude.   What changes seems to be within our abled perception. Factors involved in our perception of the various phenomena we would focus on when we listen are extremely complex. They are so complex, the change...
  5. yashu

    Gentlemen? 555 vs 515

    Somewhat off topic, but I am despare to know the answer...   Where can one get replacement pads for an HD555? Mine are just about entirely gone. Are you able to use any other pads for replacement? Anyone have issues with pads wearing out? Someone must know how to get replacements in the US...
  6. yashu

    AKG K271?

    Why not just grab the k271 and give it a whirl? Perhaps order one from a place that allows returns. It sounds like you wanted to try it, and maybe we talked you into more confusion on the issue than you would have liked...   I would say the mids can be pretty darn euphonic. I like them the...
  7. yashu

    Final Thoughts: Sony MDR-XB1000 vs. Ultrasone Pro 900. Who is the Bass KING? ** Pictures **

    I have a question about the XB1000 build.   The little cylinder things that the cables terminate into on the earcups, are they metal or plastic?   I absolutely love the XB700. I bought it right when it came out. The one thing that has bugged me a bit is that there are some "should be...
  8. yashu

    AKG K271?

    The k271S is a great headphone... It is obviously bass-lite which is probably why few people bring it up. It really does have a wonderful midrange. A good amp will let this headphone open up. I honestly can't tell you what others do better, though I am sure there are several near it's...
  9. yashu

    How are DT770's supposed to sound?

    Beyers, well used Beyers, this is a bit gross, but there is a very good chance, if they were used a moderate amount, even if they appear well taken care of, that there is hair all over... and poking into/at the driver inside the headphone's earcups. The hair pokes through the black foam into the...
  10. yashu

    ***SWBF2cheaters RANT. Stop the nonsense. My journey as a Reviewer has come to an end***

      Quote:   I agree, and was also going to say something like this. The part about magic immesurable changes in the wire's conductivity behavior seems a little, I don't know, perhaps a logical concession? If high-dollar cables are to have burn-in effect, then one must assume that the...
  11. yashu

    Headphones you regretted buying the most

    Grado sr325is...   I had a pair of old 325s, and I thought they sounded pretty good, however, they eventually died a pretty slow death. I purchased a new set of sr325is, and didn't know how different they really were. I thought it was a break-in issue, but they are just waaaay too bright...
  12. yashu

    Beyerdynamic DT-770 Vs DT-770 Pro

    DT770pro/80 is a bit boomy and sometimes tizzy compared to the m50s. I see in your sig line you have a pair of AT-M50s. m50s have a tighter, more accurate bass. They might dip down lower than the 770s, but the 770pros have a way of sending across the illusion of a larger bass quantity, as well...
  13. yashu

    Is anyone happy with just one headphone?

    I have OCD, so I would probably be happier if I only had one headphone... except I don't, so obsession becomes a real driving factor. :D
  14. yashu

    why the technics RP DH1200 isn't taking a big concern in any big review for the DJ headphones ?

    To be honest, true DJ cans have a certain sound signature that works well with the processes used, say, while beat-matching. It sounds pretty colored, not unpleasant, but with a warm bassy sound, since there is a low-midbass hump, so the kicks really stand out. A good example of this is one of...
  15. yashu

    Would you wear full sized headphones with a coiled cable in public?

    As long as the headphones aren't hillariously gaudy, they look rather cool out in public.   Before my Sansa died, I used to wear my XB700s out quite a bit. I actually thought they looked interesting, as well they made a statement... I am serious about music. At that time, the XB700s just...
  16. yashu

    AKG K550 - NEW!!

    I agree that if AKG uses their typical earpad measurements here, it would provide some interesting options to owners of the headphone in question here, but also other AKG models that can now don yet another pad material.   Does AKG use the k70x/k60x style driver in closed headphones? I know...
  17. yashu

    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    Anyone remember the old trance track "Universal Nation" by Push? It came on when I was switching back and forth between my AT-M50s and some other headphones I was testing, and while it helped renew my appreciation for my M50s, I noticed how good the song sounded in-general. I have been listening...
  18. yashu

    AKG K550 - NEW!!

    I listen to my k271s more than my m50s. I might even sell the m50s if I continue to never use them. The k271 is certainly bass-lite, however it captures enough of the bass slam to work pretty well. The m50 does one thing extremely well, which is work as designed: as a monitor... I like it with...
  19. yashu

    Headphones for TRANCE music!

    I recently repaired my DT880s after not having them for about a year's time... I could not believe how well they did with good electronic music... Prog House/Trance, IDM, Dub(step), Psy, EBM, and so forth. They transistioned so effortlessly from genre to genre, from electronic to instrumental...
  20. yashu

    NEW! Top of the Line Sony MDR-Z1000 headphones unboxing and comparison to Pro Version MDR-7520

    I really like this new age of rugged minimalism...   Subscribed to see if Sony can make a play for the spot as my premier closed headphone... Can we have a quick AT-m50, or *looks at your headphone list*, the K271? comparison, just bullet points, nothing fancy? Just trying to find a...
  21. yashu

    The M50 has been dethroned by......Sony

    Sony xx700 'phones all seem to share similar attributes, and I would guess have extremely similar driver units. The vf700DJ, the XB700, and the zx700.   The question is whether the zx700s are durable... I know the vf700DJs fall apart easily, and the XB700s are well made, but I wouldn't say...
  22. yashu

    DT-990 driver issues.

    Yes. You can pop the driver out..   I had an old set of DT-990s, and the amount of hair was just terrible. I got them used, so it wasn't my hair (euw....). I got most of it off and then I broke the voice coil wires... the tiny tiny wires on the side of the driver. You break those and the...
  23. yashu

    AKG K550 - NEW!!

      Quote: That is the Denon model I am referring to, but from reviews and comparisons here, it seems to be showing it's age a bit, kindof like the K701 (not a closed can, but an aging flagship, yes)... The D7000 is certiainly on my short list, but these new closed AKG models, well, I guess...
  24. yashu

    AKG K550 - NEW!!

      Quote: I have to agree with this, however, it seems how close they are in terms of sound depends on the source I use. The problem is the m50s' sound is usually the better of the two, with my k271s only becoming as good as the m50s.   I have been looking for a closed can that is...
  25. yashu

    Grado's w/ other genres?

    I use my sr325is for just about any genre. The thing to understand, at least, what I understand about these headphones is that they apply a very forward presentation to most (all?) genres. This doesn't mean "bright", although they can sound this way, but just about literally forward, when...