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  1. Joelby

    SOLD HD-650, Little Dot MKVII and Cambridge DACMAGIC Complete Balanced RIg

    I would like to sell this gear as a complete package to Canadian or CONUS members. Payment via paypal. Asking SOLD shipped.   The HD-650s, originally bought from Headroom, are in great condition aside from a couple small paint chips as seen in the pics. The cable is Canare star quad wrapped...
  2. Joelby


    It is my pleasure to start a feedback head for member Cranos. I sold Stephen a Headroom Total Bithead. Payment was prompt and communication was excellent. I would not hesitate to do business with him again!
  3. Joelby

    SOLD: Total Bithead

    Asking SOLD shipped Conus/Canada. Paypal or email money transfer in Canada. Includes rubber feet (attached), velcro feet (unused), usb cable and black "livestrong" style band for pairing with dap. Box and manual also included.   Unit is in excellent condition. No scratches/scuffs. Works...
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  5. Joelby

    Scratching Head over Latest Sour eBay Experience

    I bought a case off eBay for a new iPod Classic I just purchased. I recieved my package today. Here's what I got: Griffin Reflect package containing one of the back plates for the reflect case and a used, scratched to **** Belkin clear case... What!!!!!!! Insight: The item was...
  6. Joelby

    Another Grado Bowl Pad Comfort Mod

    If you're like me and enjoy your Grados/Alessandros with bowl pads, I have a new mod that is cheap and easy. The mod came about when I purchased some PX200 pads for my KSC75. The original pads are what I've used to mod the bowl for superior comfort. Simply stretch the KSC75 pads over the lip...
  7. Joelby

    Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 Recable Step-by-Step w/ Pics

    I'm posting some step-by-step instructions for those who dare to recable their pristine ESW9s *Updated Method, details at bottom* Most importantly, this thread demonstrates a clean cable entry into the cups without having to drill or file those precious woodies! Important Tools Used...
  8. Joelby

    Head-Fi / Audiophile Clichés

    Wanted to start a thread about the many clichés that brighten our visits to Head-Fi. My personal favourite is the following: "Bass is tightened, mids are brought forward, highs are extended, soundstage is widened." Apparently, just about every recable and/or mod has this effect. I can't...
  9. Joelby

    SOLD: Black iGrado N. America

    Black iGrado for sale. Has about 100 hrs burn in and 20 hours use. Great condition. Only flaws are minor nicks around screw cover on headband. I had removed the driver housings from the headband to see if the housings could be opened. Alas, they are the newer model and as such, are glued...
  10. Joelby

    Pink Floyd: Oh By The Way boxset Problem!

    I just got my Oh By the Way set and am noticing some problems with the discs. I've only listened to Piper and Saucerful so far. To say the least, I'm very disappointed. The discs appear to be in mint condition. However, when I play them back and rip them I get some skipping and either channel...
  11. Joelby

    SOLD: Ipod Classic 160gb Black CONUS/Canada

    I have a Black 160 gb Classic for sale. Condition is great overall, apart from the usual scratches (and two small dents) on the back panel. Front face is in excellent condition with a flawless screen and only minimal wear on the thumb wheel. Operation is perfect, unit has never freezed on me...
  12. Joelby

    Just Bought new iGrados, Can They Still be Recabled?

    After searching around the forum it's still unclear whether the updated version of the iGrado can or cannot be opened up and recabled without destroying the housing. The stock cable really needs to go... Anyone tried the recable on a recently purchased pair?
  13. Joelby

    Hot Sauce-Fi

    Anyone on Head-fi collect hot sauces? Here a few that I currently have in rotation: This is a great habanero based hot sauce with some really unique ingredients. Definitely on the high side of the scale for heat. I give it 8.5/10 The name says it all! This is some serious hot sauce. It...