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  1. Pappucho

    Sony ZX1 FOR SALE

    EDIT (08/25/2015) NOW OFFICIALLY FOR SALE     Selling my second owner ZX1.  In overall pretty good cosmetic condition.  There's a small ding on one of the corners, please see pics of of the ZX1.  Comes with original box and all original accesories.  Will include a Cruzerlite case and original...
  2. Pappucho

    FS: Brand New AK120 MK1 FINAL PRICE DROP

    I picked this up in  a trade and am currently leaning towards selling it.  Send me a PM if you're interested.   It's completely new although I did take it out to test it out :), couldn't resist.  Other than opening it and taking it out, it's brand spanking new. See pics of actual unit.  FREE...
  3. Pappucho

    WTB: Altman Tera, Any cosmetic condition, any Version

    Looking to buy an Altman Tera, any version in any cosmetic condition.  Please send me a PM if you have one to sell and your asking price.  Thanks for your consideration! 
  4. Pappucho

    Larocco PRII, Silver

    Used Larocco PRII in silver.  Not in Mint condition but not abused.  I don't think the internal battery charger is working so just in case:  DONT CHARGE BATTERIES IN IT.   Runs fine off of two nine volt batteries.   Has the black gate capacitor upgrade and comes with two AD744's installed. ...
  5. Pappucho

    WTB - HM-801 GAME CARD, Just the "Amp" Card, I have the HM-801

    Looking for an HM-801 GAME CARD.  I have the original card which I'd like to replace with the GAME CARD.  If you have one you'd like to sell, please shoot me a PM.    Thanks!
  6. Pappucho

    FS: 60GB Red Wine Audio 4G IMOD, Free Shipping in USA 140.00

    I just picked up an HM-801 so my IMOD must go.  In decent condition.  Some surface scratches and signs of opening on sides from replacing battery.  Battery has been holidng a decent charge but may need replacing sometime in the near future to get a full charge out of it.  I am the second owner. ...
  7. Pappucho

    Sony D-626 Discman no Remote

    I've got one of my Sony D-626's up on Ebay. Unfortunately this one is being sold without the wireless remote. Still works great as a portable source complete with headphone and line out on the player. Some signs of wear but nothing major. Pictures are of actual unit. If you're not familiar...
  8. Pappucho

    Deal Alert: Refurbished MDR-NC60's for 80 Shipped

    I just got word of this twitter announced deal on a a REFURBISHED set of Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Canceling headphones over at Get them for 80 shipped when using coupon code TWITTERMDRNC6060. I don't know if they are any good but at a regular price of over 200 it seems like a good...
  9. Pappucho

    TVERSITY and my DirecTV, PS3

    I have been setting up my media server these last fews days trying to get my Windows Media Player 11 computer to communicate all my media files (videos and audio) wirelessly to my PS3. It didn't work as easily as it should've so I spent the last few days Looking through countless post online and...
  10. Pappucho

    Ipod touch 1G Problems?

    I just bought two refurbished Ipod touches from the applestore for the kids for christmas. Went with the 16GB 1G refurbed over the 8GB 2G opting for the additional storage for the same price. Is there anything else I'll be missing going with the 1G over the 2G? I've heard of some problems with...
  11. Pappucho

    WTB:HD25 Velour Pads

    Maybe you got an extra set laying around somewhere that you forgot about? I want them! PM me with your price or if you you know where I can get a pair please post away. T h a n k s !
  12. Pappucho

    D77's sold for 400 on Ebay!

    Wow, didn't think they would command so much. See auction here. For those not familiar with these, these were Sony's top model from the "Eggo" series of headhones. One of my favorite portable headphones, but, wow, 400 bucks?
  13. Pappucho

    "Life" on Mars

    Anybody see this image of what appears to be a human-like figure on mars? BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Mystery image of 'life on Mars'
  14. Pappucho

    PSP Slim

    I just heard about the new PSP Slim and looks like it has some cool new features like video out and longer battery life. Anyone know if it finally gets a line out?
  15. Pappucho

    WTT: My HF-1's for your CD3000 (Or sell mine)

    HF1's have been Sold! I am still looking for some CD3000 and will start a new thread shortly. Thanks! I'm interested in trading my HF-1's for a pair of CD3000's. I would also consider selling my HF-1's for around the 350 to 375 range (appears to be the going rate) so please PM your offers if...
  16. Pappucho

    FS: ALO Silver Cotton Ipod Dock

    SOLD! I know I'll probably regret selling this later on, but need the funds to fund an IMOD purchase. ALO Silver cotton dock up for sale. Price: 12 plus 23 plus 10 plus 40 less 1 less 3 less 4 less 2 Shipped in the USA. Some fraying of the nylon sleeve and it's bent into a U shape for use...
  17. Pappucho

    FS: 5G Ipod Video

    Withdrawn: The kids got it! Up for sale is my 30GB 5G Ipod video. Works flawlessly but has a small amount of surface scratches. Comes with unused ipod earbuds. I'll post some pics tonight. 150.00 Shipped in the USA. Please PM with any questions. Edit: Posted Pics. Shown with...
  18. Pappucho

    FS: Panasonic SV-SR100 on Ebay

    I am selling a few of my unused players to raise some much needed cash. See the complete listings here. Panasonic SV-SR100 on Ebay Has the unique ability to record directly from a CD to an SD and play both portably. Works off of two AA bateries.
  19. Pappucho

    FS: Sony SRF-80W on Ebay

    I'm getting rid of a few of my portable players that aren't getting much use to free up some much needed cash. View the entire list here. SRF-80W on Ebay. No reserve auction!
  20. Pappucho

    My MD-SS323-S Sharp Minidisc Player on Ebay

    I am getting rid of a few my players that aren't getting much use for some much needed cash. I'll be posting them on Ebay and linking them here. First to go.... Sharp MD-SS323-S
  21. Pappucho

    Clone of the Infamous CD3400 on Ebay Germany

    Just a FYI for anyone who's interested. The infamous Optimus CD-3400 was also released as an Akai PD-X73 and there is currently one on Ebay Germany.
  22. Pappucho

    Topgear is Back!

    Topgear, (which IMO is the best car show on TV) is back on the Discovery channel! There's a marathon on today. I sure hope it's back for good. It was a sad day when it was no longer being showed. Are there any other fans here?
  23. Pappucho

    D-82 Up on Ebay

    I have one of my D-82's up on ebay. Quite a rare little discman for those collectors out there.... As far as I know, it was working when I last tested it. I no longer have a working battery to test it so it is being sold as is. Please PM me any questions. Thanks for looking...
  24. Pappucho

    Still Trying to Enjoy Vinyl

    Ok, so I bought my Sota Moonbeam w/Grado Gold Cartridge over a year ago, got a Creek 4330R with add on Phono Card and a pair of B&W CDM1SE's and am still not enjoying my vinyl. This should be a decent entry level vinyl set-up. Granted, most of my discs are old and pretty noisy, but what else...
  25. Pappucho

    D-J50 D-J5 On Ebay

    I've got one of my vintage portables up on Ebay. I recently got into another addictive hobby, Nano-reefs, so I decided to free up some cash. The D-J50 is one of the thinnest (if not the thinnest) portable cd players Sony ever released. It has to be the thinnest all metal cased portable cd...