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  1. tubelvr

    The decline of Swedish meatballs

    Wow, two quick responses--must have hit a nerve ("That was one hell of a paresthesia Doctor."  "Yeah, remind me to use the ultrasound machine next time.").
  2. tubelvr

    The decline of Swedish meatballs

      I also agree with Spareribs theory that this sort of food has gone out of style.  Swedish Meatballs, classic French cuisine, etc. have been swept away by the tides of fashion and fad, just as analog records and tube audio equipment have declined in favor of digital audio and...
  3. tubelvr

    What Live concerts have you attended?

    Went to the annual Beethoven's Ninth concert by the Honolulu Symphony last month.  Beethoven's Ninth for New Years has long been a Japanese tradition and has become so in Honolulu.  Usually attend about 6-7 concerts by the HS each year (subscriber).  Sad to say that most classical music...
  4. tubelvr

    You Know You're an Audiophile When.. Version 2!

    My colleague in the OR and I use this benchmark:  YKYAA if your home system cost (not is worth) more than your car(s).  Sorry if this one has been previously posted.
  5. tubelvr

    New member

    Hello,   Just checking in per moderators instructions.   New to this forum but a longtime (>40 years) audiophile with both analog and digital home sound systems. Longtime aficionado of tube amplification and only recently venturing into the world of digital music (a necessary evil as most...