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  1. BusaRider

    Hi everyone!

  2. BusaRider

    Comment by 'BusaRider' in article 'Head-Fi Buying Guide (Over-Ear Headphones) 4'

    What is a reasonable price to ask for a pair of Denon D5000 headphones from a few years ago with less than 2 hours listening time ... probably less than 1 hour? They are still in the box with the original tie wraps holding the cable together in a loop. All accessories that should be there are...
  3. BusaRider

    Hi everyone!

    Hi there all! I’m re-newed to this forum. I was on years ago and just moved in a different direction. I’m going to be selling a pair or two of 100% mint headphones from when I used to collect them. I’ll post in the correct area but Denon D5000’s with less than 2 hours time on them are gonna...