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  1. scott1

    Effect Audio Origin 2-pin to 2.5 balanced-SOLD

    Perfect condition, tested but barely used. Thought I would use it more, hence the sale. Very nice budget cable. I'll cover fees and shipping in CONUS. Not really interested in trades. Thanks for looking!
  2. scott1

    Audioquest Nightwawk

    My Nighthawks are in perfect condition with no scratches or faults anywhere to be seen. I also have the original case, as you can see in the pics. Oh, and they sound awesome too. I just really haven't been doing much at-home listening lately and would rather get them to someone who'd get some...
  3. scott1

    Cayin C5 Portable Amp (no DAC)-sold

    Selling my C5 amp because I really don't use it much anymore. Sounds great (especially on high gain with the bass boost) and still has great battery life. I have all the original packaging too. Literally the only flaw to is that one of the 4 little feet that cushions it when you have it banded...
  4. scott1

    Sold Unique Melody ME.1 Planar IEMs

    Up for sale are my Unique Melody ME.1 universal IEM's. I was lucky enough to have won these in a drawing back in January this year. These things look and sound amazing and I do have all the original boxes and packaging as well. Aesthetically, everything is in perfect condition as new other than...
  5. scott1

    I won the Unique Melody ME.1's from the Musicteck giveaway

    Hello All- I was lucky enough to win the ME.1’s from the recent Musicteck giveaway. Besides thanking Musicteck for the arranging the giveaway itself, I also wanted to thank everyone involved this online community. Without everyone’s interest, participation, and support of the Sponsors and...
  6. scott1

    FS: Yamaha Pro 500

    Perfect condition with both the portable cord and longer cord for use at home. Excellent sound with a lot of bass without sounding veiled. Great build quality too.
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    Selling my Lake People RS06 DAC with the Tenor chipset for the USB port. I just purchased this new from their NJ distributor in January but I realized that it's just really more than I need. In absolute perfect condition with original packaging and manual. I also have a pair of Silver Serpent...
  9. scott1


    These are a custom build with wood cups, leather headband, and canare cable terminated in a ¼” plug. Perfect condition and sound great, it’s just that I found another headphone that suits my taste perfectly and I’m not much of a collector, would rather sell them to someone who will use them...
  10. scott1

    FS: Violectric HPA V181 Balanced Amp-SOLD!

    Hello- Selling my amp here, as I don't really have a need for a balanced amp now that I have found a couple of long term headphones that are single ended and more easily powered. Honestly, this is just more amplifier than I need. It's in wonderful condition, indistinguishable from new really...
  11. scott1

    Amateur question about at home DAP use

    I have never owned a DAP since I have always used my phone for portable music but I have been thinking about getting one lately. I'm not sure if I am understanding this correctly but if a DAP has coax out, is that is purely the digital signal? If this is correct, does anyone out there use their...
  12. scott1

    New guy here with first post

    Hello All-   Due to a recent move, I sold my beloved (but giant) KEF 104/2 speakers because I just really don't have the space to properly enjoy them anymore. I picked up my first pair of real headphones, (V-Moda M-80's) on eBay last week for a decent price just to see how happy I could be...