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  1. woaierji

    Notebook sound

    does the bithead have a line out? if not, wouldn't be more economical to buy a seperate dac and amp? When time comes for an upgrade, you don't necessarily have to replace both.
  2. woaierji

    I am terrible, another dream about headphones...

    Why not just give in and buy the sr60s. I think they're $37+shipping at ttvj with the $15 off $30 paypal promotion and $10 first time buyer coupon.
  3. woaierji

    Audio-Technica ATH-A500 Art or ATH-PRO500

    The pro500 is for dj's and the a500 is for audiophiles. The one that is being recommended here for gaming is the ath-a500 art.
  4. woaierji

    Transit vs Aurilium

    If the transit is just being used as a transport, would it add its own sound signature to the signal or would it be virtually neutral?