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  1. cubeover

    New, Burson Conductor 3 Reference: Dual 9038 DAC, 7.5Wpc Head Amp, Preamp, Changeable Opamps

    It is interesting that you find resolution of Burson C3 lacking. I found it master of high-res. What is your device source and its output format? What resolution is your source material? Note that in case of using a computer, you typically set a fixed format in the OS, that may or may not match...
  2. cubeover

    Do you like IOS 8.4?

    Leaving aside Apple's blunt drive of us sheeple towards one gate where they cut 30% off, I can say that I was lucky to decide not accepting "Apple Music" bait after the 8.4 update and ended up in a mix of stuff bought at iTMS and stuff sideloaded from my PC's iTunes (v11.4 by the way). One...
  3. cubeover

    iPhone 5C and 5S: audio output

    From my experience, 5c has inferior sound to 4s. This is me, loving warmth of analog era. 5c has better resolution, so good that it allows you to resolve the inefficiencies in the digital encoding. It sound too digital to me, I can hear some modulation noise. 4s is warmer and more holistic, I...