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  1. Megaptera

    HDCD list

    Well, I'm a bit embarrassed to poke my head around here after nearly three years of neglect. I'm very glad people are still adding their findings, and finding it useful, even without me here to maintain it. Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to turn this into a more...
  2. Megaptera

    Yuin PK3 Impressions Thread

    Just got mine today (should have had them last week but I had them shipped to the wrong address) and I'm definitely happy. I've just started listening to them but like everyone else is saying, they sound great, and I like the fit as well. Besides the sound, the cord isn't so long that it'll get...
  3. Megaptera

    Entry level YUIN released: PK3 Group buy

    Doh! My set was in the batch that got shipped, but apparently the last time I used Paypal I had something shipped to my parents, and I never updated the address. So my PK3s are currently waiting there, 175 miles away from my ears. Ah well. Thanks for organizing this, Fang!
  4. Megaptera

    I need a replacement for my px100 headphone

    I'm in the same boat -- my px100s lost a channel when the cable frayed down at the jack, and decided to look for some non-isolating earbuds or IEMs in that same price range. I heard enough good things about the Yuin PK3 that I just sent in my $25 for the group buy.
  5. Megaptera

    HDCD list

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ted in NJ Oops! I just noticed you already have North listed. I just didn't think to look for it under "Jazz". Thanks for the additions! I've moved North to pop; haven't heard it myself but I know I'd expect to find an Elvis Costello album there, so...
  6. Megaptera

    HDCD list

    My apologies everyone! I have not forgotten the list. In the past few months I've been too busy to really visit Head-Fi (new job, new apartment, new computer, etc.) and I hadn't noticed that I wasn't logging in when I did; my thread notification never got reset and so all summer I was thinking...
  7. Megaptera

    Sleater Kinney - I don't get it??

    Quote: Originally Posted by jamesb i really should go and listen to some of their earlier stuff - everyone keeps saying its very good Their earlier stuff is great, but it's very different from The Woods. They had developed a very distinctive style (a really lean but powerful...
  8. Megaptera

    HDCD list

    Mike Oldfield has a bunch of HDCD remasters out on Virgin, and he's got an entry for that. Do you know if that release of Tubular Bells would fall in that catagory, or should I add it seperately?
  9. Megaptera

    Neko Case & Her Boyfriends

    It's on CD? Nice. I ripped the DVD's audio track for my ipod, and I definitely agree on the quality. Those Austin City Limits people do know how to record a concert.
  10. Megaptera

    Neko Case & Her Boyfriends

    Catch her Austin City Limits DVD if you can, it's a great performance. The label put a few songs from it on Youtube, so you can see a bit of it there:
  11. Megaptera

    HDCD list

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rav Picked up Sigur Ros's ( ) and it doesn't decode as HDCD. this was new stock in the uk, so it's possible it wasn't released ad HDCD here, or if it was it's been changed. Back when I started the thread, we found that a Tegan and Sara album had been...
  12. Megaptera

    HDCD list

    Hmm, weird. I'll try to remember to look into it myself next time I'm sitting in front of a Windows box. Might be a few weeks though.
  13. Megaptera

    HDCD list

    This may or may not be helpful, but Wikipedia says: Quote: Version 9 and above of Windows Media Player running on Microsoft Windows XP is capable of decoding HDCD on personal computers with a 24-bit sound card enabled. [1] [2] This is currently the only purely software-based HDCD decoder...
  14. Megaptera

    HDCD list

    Sorry it took so long to get those two last posts up -- I was doing some work out of town for a few weeks. Quote: Originally Posted by mjm > Nine Inch Nails: The Fragile ("Into the Void" only) Why just one track? That's pretty odd. Even odder, on mine it doesn't kick in until...
  15. Megaptera

    Loreena McKennitt -- "An Ancient Muse"

    This is a very welcome surprise. From the clip, it doesn't sound like she's let her voice or style go at all, too.
  16. Megaptera


    Quote: Originally Posted by Davey Makes sense, HDCD is redbook. But we know what you mean Yeah, what I was trying to say was that I've never heard of a non-HDCD player that has trouble reading HDCD discs. There's nothing like taking the time to word things precisely to make you...
  17. Megaptera


    When done right, the results are pretty nice. I can generally tell the difference between my HDCDs and non-HDCDs. But I do also have some regular CDs that, if I listening to for the first time and didn't know otherwise, I'd probably call HDCD, and vice versa I've got one or two HDCDs that I'd...
  18. Megaptera

    HDCD list

    virometal, your cd has broken the list. Not really. But I'm getting errors when I try to save the updated post at the moment.
  19. Megaptera

    Why can't you buy HDCD in the States?

    In case it's not clear, mr.karmalicious is joking. HDCD is perfectly legal, just not entirely common. When the US record industry thinks of it at all I suspect they see it as a niche market within a niche market, since it has less public attention than the other "Redbook++" formats, but it is here.
  20. Megaptera

    Favorite Loreena Mckennitt Song?

    Hmm... Prologue and Marco Polo from Book of Secrets. The Old Ways from The Visit. I lost my copy of The Mask and the Mirror some time ago and can't remember which songs were which, but a few from there. I'd also say that The Book of Secrets as a whole is one of my favorite albums.
  21. Megaptera

    Good used record/CD stores in Boston area?

    Out in Brighton on Washington Street (on the 57 bus route past Brighton Center) there's the Diskovery used books/cd store. I haven't stopped in myself but it looks pretty neat. It might be the one Icehawk is thinking of, they just moved there from Allston.
  22. Megaptera

    HDCD list

    Quote: Originally Posted by veloroad So, fellow HDCD supporters, please indicate the record label, the product code, and the perhaps country/market where the HDCD is from - the full disclosure can help individuals to get 'the real McCoy'! Hmm, interesting findings. It's not the...
  23. Megaptera

    iPod randomly pausing?

    Take some plastic wrap and make a little washer with a hole just big enough for your headphone's plug, and use it to keep the base of the plug and the ipod from touching. What happens is the metal on the plug (besides the actual signal part) shorts the ipod's input jack's ground to the case...
  24. Megaptera

    Where to find Splashdown CDs?

    The singer from Splashdown is still putting out good music:
  25. Megaptera

    HDCD list

    That is a nice list there HoselTone -- it's gonna take me a few days before it gets in but I was wondering where all the jazz was