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    Audio-GD neophyte - Reference-7 vs Reference-8 + USB

    Crikey, alright, I just extracted specs from the product pages. All units have optional USB inputs and configurable digital inputs.   All I can say is the DAC-19 looks the biggest bargain. No idea what the difference in neutral vs musical is meant to describe, really, other than it pegs off...
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    Audio-GD neophyte - Reference-7 vs Reference-8 + USB

    I'll do some more research to make it easier for folks to answer any remaining questions. Just such a wad of information to catch up on 
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    Audio-GD neophyte - Reference-7 vs Reference-8 + USB

    Hi fellas, sorry I've tried to wade through the bible of Audio-GD threads but still need some help.   I understand the Ref-7 and Ref-8 are the top DACs....has anyone heard/compared both? What are the key differences?   Finally, the USB options for both units - are they inclusive of the...
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    help a newbie! descent audio for under $1k flac+ed9, please need your knowledge!

    Quote: Depends on your budget/room/taste.   I think the Peachtree people also make the Era speaker line.   Generally, try and stay with something 8ohms and high sensitivity. You won't get the bass you want without a hefty floorstander or a sub. If going for bookshelves and a sub...
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    Headphone Good For Trance,Dubstep,bass heavy, Big soundstage.

    The Shures don't have enough bass for dubstep. All I can recommend is Grado HP1s or Senn 800s.
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    help a newbie! descent audio for under $1k flac+ed9, please need your knowledge!

    Get speakers and a subwoofer. Headphones can't compete if all you want is bass.
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    What kind of basic cables do I need for my new speaker system?

    Buy your LOD cable used from the Headfi for sale forums. Check Audiogon for used interconnects and speaker cable. Can't go far wrong starting with Blue Jeans stuff if buying new. Don't do what I did and buy any cable from Lowes! Which I did cause I was just dying to hook up my new speakers.
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    van den hul d102 MKIII Any opinions?

    It's a nice, laid back but detailed cable.
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    Alternatives to BJC LC-1 IC

    Check Audiogon. Investigate Speltz Anti-Cable ICs, Morrow, Audio Art, Straley Reality Cables, Element Audio. Supra also have a nice cable called the EFF-IS
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    help a newbie! descent audio for under $1k flac+ed9, please need your knowledge!

    How about a Peachtree Nova? High quality DAC and a good headphone amp onboard. As well as being an integrated speaker amplifier!
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    is the M2Tech Evo good with WAV files?

    That you are playing wav has absolutely no bearing on the suitability of the evo with your dac. Cheers.
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    Best coaxial out from PC (to Gamma-2)

    Hi. My view is that your system would be seriously lopsided if you're gonna use a y2 and $100 usb-spdif connector as your source. Anything other than perfectly recorded material will be exposed to sound like crap by your amp and headphones.   False economy to skimp on the source here. Made...
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    Speed dating

    Hey folks. I'm looking for help preparing some questions for Speed Dating this weekend    I like this one: "How do you feel about your credit rating?" 
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    How much will you spend on a DAC to match a $1k pair of active monitors with balanced inputs?

    Somewhere between x2 or x3 feels like a good number - like the price of a DAC-1 HDR type device as a baseline.
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    Products similar to Stello DP200 and Moon i3.3?

    Integrateds from Bryston and Bel Canto offer inbuilt DAC options. Ditto Arcam and Peachtree
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    Review: Jkeny’s modified Hiface

    Thank you for the review. Sounds like an excellent product.
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    A $2000 DAC

    Add the Bryston BDA-1 to your list
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    What's the best audio output from the computer?

    Get a HiFace
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    Another day at Head-Fi, another gross violation of the Transitive Property of Inequalities

    A listening impression of audio not mathematics, nor logic.
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    Integrated amplifiers advice.

    Some brands/models I would recommend you audition include the Exposure 2010S, Primare I30, Creek Destiny, Simaudio stuffs. Buying used would make your money go further.
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    Best 2/2.1 speakers under $500?

    I'm gonna recommend the Yamaha HS-50Ms
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    Heading to Las Vegas tomorrow - any advice?

    Orchids Garden on Sahara is the best place for Chinese Dim Sum.
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    Heading to Las Vegas tomorrow - any advice?

    Hey DeusEx, I'm not really into the shows or anything, so can't help there, unfortunately. But aside from the normal casino attractions, you might want to head to the Town Square shopping area , south from the strip. Nice place to hang out in the day or...
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    Recommendation for replacement of active nearfield monitors

    Probably the most cost effective thing would be to get it fixed. Otherwise, you might want to look at the Focal CMS65 or ATC SCM16A or SCM20ASL Pro
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    how do you use a hagusb?

    What do you mean bypass the crappy XP audio software?