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  1. talmadge

    DUNU DK 2001 SOLD

    DUNU DK 2001. Purchased from Linsoul 1-10-20. $225 shipped to US including PayPal fee. Also have foam ear tips and 4.4 balanced connector. 3BA +1DD Hybrid Drivers In Ear Earphone 13 mm Beryllium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Knowles Custom High-Mid*1,Knowles Custom Ultra-High*2 High-purity...
  2. talmadge

    SOLD Emotiva AirMotiv 6s studio monitor speakers SOLD

    Emotiva Airmotiv 6s powered studio monitors. 110 watts to each woofer and 100 watts to each tweeter. $500 plus shipping and 3% PayPal fee.
  3. talmadge

    SOLD LCD 2 Closed

    Audeze LCD 2 Closed. They are 6 months old and like new. Comes with original Audeze cable plus I'm including an Audeze balanced cable. They have also been custom/individually calibrated by sonarworks. Not looking for trades unless you have a pair of Emotiva Stealth 8's. $625 including shipping...
  4. talmadge

    SOLD Verum 1

    My Verum 1's came in today. Just tested to make sure they are good. Since I joined the Kickstarter campaign back in July I acquired some Audeze LCD 2 closed that I'm very fond of so the Verum 1's are up for sale. I will pay shipping to lower 48 and absorb the PayPal fee.
  5. talmadge

    SOLD Campfire Audio Vega

    Campfire Audio Vega. Looks and works as new. Extra tips included. $600 shipped to you including PayPal fee.
  6. talmadge

    Can I get better sound from a DAP streaming Tidal?

    Currently using a dedicated iPhone 6 and Fiio Q1 mk ll for streaming Tidal to my campfire audio vegas. Using the 2.5 balanced output. Can I get better SQ with something like a hiby r6 or comparable fiio product than my current setup? I do have flac files I could load also.
  7. talmadge

    Can I get better SQ with a DAP?

    Currently I'm using an old iPhone 6 with a Fiio Q1 mkll streaming Tidal. Will I get better sound quality with something like a hiby R6 or comparable Fiio product? Using with campfire audio vegas and the 2.5 balanced output on the Q1mkll. I do have some flac files I could use with a DAP also.
  8. talmadge

    SOLD Campfire Audio Cascade

    Campfire Audio Cascade They are in excellent condition as you can see from photos. Comes with everything as new. $650 + shipping and PayPal fee. Not interested in trades.
  9. talmadge

    SOLD Emotiva A-100 Amp

    Emotiva BASX A-100 amp. Jumpers are installed for full power. Comes with power cord, trigger cord and manual. Do not have original box but will be double boxed for shipping. $180 shipped (continental usa) including PayPal.
  10. talmadge

    SOLD HD 58X with Extras

    HD 58X Barley used bought new 10-10-18. Comes with everything as new plus balanced cable with 2.5 mm connection for portable amps and headphone case made for Sennheiser. $125 shipped continental US including PayPal.
  11. talmadge

    Sony WH1000XM2 SOLD

    $150 shipped to you including PayPal. Comes with everything as new.
  12. talmadge

    SOLD DarkVoice 336SE Amp & Six Tubes for Rolling

    Selling my DarkVoice 336 SE tube amp. Comes with stock tubes (left side of photo) and the following tubes for your rolling pleasure: RCA JAN 6AS7G, Sylvania 6SN7 Chrome Dome, Tung Sol JAN CTL 6SN7GT Mouse Ears, Sylvania 6SN7GT Bad Boy, Westinghouse 6SN7GTB Chrome Dome and a brand new PSVANE...
  13. talmadge


    OPPO SONICA DAC Comes with original box and accessories $650 + Shipping Now listed on ebay see it there if interested
  14. talmadge


    OPPO HA-1 amp/dac SOLD Comes with original box and accessories. $800 + PayPal Fee and Shipping Also have OPPO Sonica Dac STILL AVAILABLE Comes with original box and accessories $800 + PayPal Fee and Shipping