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  1. IamMe90

    Opus #2 repairs?

    Hi all, In short, I'm wondering who or where I can get my Opus #2 that I've had for a little under a year repaired. I attempted to reach out to the email address listed on TheBit's website with no response... my unit is seriously messed up. Both the front and back panels come off of it if the...
  2. IamMe90

    DAP/Amp pairing with CA Atlas?

    Hi all, I just purchased a CA Atlas. This is my first foray into TOTL-level gear and I want to make sure I'm getting the most out of it. Currently, the only DAP and amp equipment I possess are an Astell & Kern AK-JR and a FiiO E11. I suspect this might not be sufficient to get the most out...