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    FS: AKG K872

    These closed headphones have top notch, neutral sound and comfort. After owning them for a hair over a month, I suddenly find myself needing to free some capital. The headphones are pretty much in like-new condition. No smoking or pets. Original box, papers, and accessories are included. Feel...
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    Audeze LCD-2 Rev 2 (Cables available - 1/4" and ALO/RSA Balanced)

    Up for sale is my Audeze LCD-2 Rev 2. This headphone still sounds amazing and is in pretty much like-new condition. No pets or smoking at my place. This pair has been well cared for. It comes with the travel flight case and stock cable (which has never been used.) Shipping to the CONUS is...
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    FS: SubPac S2

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    FS: Audio-Technica ATH-W3000ANV

    I'm looking towards upgrading my speaker system, so I think I may part with my W3000's. These beautiful headphones are still in what I would deem perfect condition -- no blemishes that I notice. I am accepting offers for these highly praised, limited edition, difficult to find headphones. The...
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    32G WiFi Motorola Xoom with great case & official dock

    I'm looking to sell my 32 Gb Motorola Xoom. I find myself simply not using it to the extent that I should given that I own it. :) The tablet is in great condition, but the case does show signs of wear. The dock has barely been used. The case is the ZooGue Xoom case, and I absolutely love what...
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    Crystal Piccolino 48" IEM Cable (For JH/UE/Westone)

    For sale is one of the most exclusive IEM cables, the Piccolino. More information can be found at the official purchasing page, where it could be had for $1,338 if it was in stock. Apart from the great...
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    ALO iMod LOD & ALO Vcap Dock

    I'm helping a friend sell a couple things. I have them on hand, so you only need to deal with me directly. The iMod LOD from ALO Audio (with V2 caps) is made with a combination of high purity copper and gold coated silver, custom made by Ken. Looking for $85. The ALO Audio VCap dock is in...
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    2010 13" MacBook Pro

    AUp for sale is my 2010 13" MacBook Pro. This notebook has served me very well, and still runs as great as the first day. That day was October 21st last year, so there's still almost 3 months left on the applecare warranty. It shows only the most minor signs of wear because I've taken very good...
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    Sennheiser HD650

    I'm looking to sell my HD650. This pair has the typical signs of wear -- a bit of chipped paint on the headband & grilles -- but still work (sound & function) just as well as the day I got them. I don't believe the 1/8" adapter I'm including is the original one, but the original box is included...
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    WTB: $100-200 Circumaurals (M50, SRH840, Denon, etc)

    PM me offers for your neglected headphones!   Thanks!   Edit: Found my headphones. Thanks, everyone!
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    M2Tech Mac Driver

    I'm looking for personal experiences from people using M2Tech devices like the HiFace or Evo on Mac OS X. I've read of flakiness like kernel panics and needing to have the device plugged in when the Mac is booted up. Is any of this still true?   I'm thinking of getting one, but I really...
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    FS: Original-version Ultrasone Edition 8

    **SOLD**   I've decided to put my Edition 8's up for sale. This is a very special headphone, but I'm not getting the use out of it that I want to. I do prefer it, hands down, over the Edition 9.   The palladium version is the Edition 8 currently in production. This is the original...
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    FS/FT: RSA Apache, Black

    SOLD!   Up for sale is my beloved Apache preamp/headphone amp. This amp really needs no introduction as you can find a wealth of information about it on this forum. This amp was purchased only last March, so it has all the most recent upgrades. It's a really excellent amp... I just need to...
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    FS: 3x 500Gb SATA Hard Drives

    If anyone is looking for some hard drives, I've got three 500G WD SATA "green" (low power, low noise) drives looking for a new home. I'd be looking for $120 shipped and paypal'd in the CONUS. PM me if interested.
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    Chris bought my SE530PTH. Excellent communication (we used IM) and all around a great transaction. I would not hesitate to work with Chris again!
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    Ultra Micro Amp Hiss?

    A couple folks suggested I post here to bring my thread to HR's attention. I'm not really sure what good it will do as a HR rep has already confirmed a hiss through very sensitive headphones, and a couple other head-fier's have also confirmed the findings... All the same, though, I think some...
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    I sold Steve my Headstage Lyrix DAC/Amp. He was very communicative and great to work with. Thanks, Steve, and enjoy!
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    SOLD: HeadRoom Ultra Micro Amp (price drop!)

    *** SOLD *** Up for sale is my virtually brand new Ultra Micro Amp from HeadRoom. It is in perfect condition. I've just decided this is not the amp for me. $600 obo shipped and paypal'd in the CONUS. I also have an Astrodyne PSU available if you're interested. HeadRoom Ultra Micro...
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    Sold: Headstage Lyrix Total Pro with USB DAC

    It's come time to pass on this wonderful usb dac / amp unit. This Lyrix Total Pro is still in great condition and was highly praised by the likes of its first owner, Larry (HeadphoneAddict). In fact, I invite you to refer to his post for the full skinny. Larry's Original For Sale Post...
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    [Sold] Well Used Cowon iAudio X5L 30G

    SOLD I recently switched to the iAudio 7, and am looking to pass my 30G X5L on to a new owner. This future owner shall not be too particular about the appearance of their mp3 player, but the amazing features and sound quality of the iAudio X5L. I've owned this player for about two years, and...
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    Toki purchased some q-JAYS from me. He was very communicative and easy to work with. I would definitely deal with Toki again given the opportunity.
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    Firefox 3.0 Download Day (World Record!)

    Hello fellow Head-fi'ers! Today is the day Mozilla will be releasing the final, gold version of everyone's favorite browser, Firefox 3.0. In addition, they are encouraging everybody to go download the browser in an attempt to set a world record for the most software downloaded in a 24-hour...
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    WTB: Cowon iAudio 7

    Any color, 8+ gigs. Thanks!
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    SOLD: UE 10 Pro

    SOLD Up for sale is my pair of Ultimate Ears 10 Pros. They are four days old now, and they've been treated with the utmost care. I would say they are in absolutely perfect condition, needing only a dry wiping of the fingerprints to be indistinguishable from new. I picked these up...