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    Grado PS1000 SOLD

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    Chord 2Qute SOLD

    Black Chord 2Qute in excellent condition. Purchased about 14 months ago and used seldomly. It has a UK plug, but I'll include an international adapter. Price is $850 plus shipping and Paypal fees. I will ship anywhere as long as the buyer pays for shipping.
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    Oppo PM3

    Great condition Oppo PM3 for sale. Less than one year old and lightly used. These did not come with the cable for phone use - these only come with two standard cables, one short, one long.   Price includes shipping and PayPal fee. No trades please.   Lower 48 and PayPal only.
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    Schiit stack: Vali and Modi 2

    Excellent condition Shiit Vali and Modi 2 stack for sale. Owned for 16 months but not used much as I quickly upgraded gear. This is a great first rig.    Included: - Schiit Vali amplifier with U.S. power supply - Schiit Modi 2 DAC (USB powered) - PYST interconnects   All you need to get...