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    Eff it...

    Edit: Eff it, i just ordered the audioengines
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    acoustic or classical guitar

    parents asked me what i wanted for christmas/birthday i've been playing with my dad's old classical guitar for the past 6 months or so most of my playing is strumming over my singing so i ask the guitar players of headfi: what are main differences between the acoustic and classical...
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    WTB: grado headband

    i'm looking for either a vinyl, leather, or custom grado headband PM me with offers thanks!
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    FS: Audio Technica A700

    Up for sale is my pair of A700. I'm the second owner of these cans and have put less than 10 hours of them. Bought them a couple months ago and to get a taste of the Audio Technica sound, just not my thing. Selling these because i think somebody else can get more use out of them instead of just...
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    FS: Portaphile V2^2 maxxed + Elpac, PA2V2

    Thinking about selling my portable amps. The PA2V2 was my first amp, bought in March of 2006. It's seen very little use, all of which has been in my smoke and pet free house. I used it for a month then upgraded to the Portaphile. I'll include two power supplies, a pair of recharageable batteries...
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    Zach sold me a pair of hd580. Quick shipping and PM replies made this transaction flawless and smooth. I couldn't be happier with the process and new headphones. thanks again!
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    i bought a pair of grado sr60 from BrookR1. he received my payment on friday and i got the phones on monday! quick shipping and PM replies made this transaction flawless. i couldn't be happier with the purchase and process as a whole Thanks again!
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    New Needle and Cartridge for Dual 606 Turntable

    i want to replace my needle and cartridge on my father's old dual 606 turntable. any info about replacing a cartridge would be greatly appreciated or any advice on cartridges that will fit my turntable will be greatly appreciated. here are some pictures of the cartridge. thanks in advance
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    Most comfortable under-$175 IEMs?

    be careful if there's traffic. you don't wanna get hit maybe just a canalphone like creative ep630 sennheiser cx300 in terms of clarity and comfort, the er6i trump my shure e3g. but thats just my two cents and if bi or triflanges aren't your thing, you can always get foamies, comply tips...
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    Dan Millheim

    Dan Millheim is sending me 6 ety filters for free thank you so much! and hope your headfi journey is good one -thomas chu
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    Ground Wire

    there are three cables coming out of my father's old turntable. two rca, and this thing. i'm assuming is a grounding where do i put it if my amp doesn't have a grounding slot?
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    WTB: etymotic filters

    looking for filters for both er6 and er4 PM me if you're interested thanks in advance!
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    Bought a pair of akg501 from m3_arun. very quick reponses and shipping (only one day through priority mail!). wouldn't hesitate to do business with again. thanks again!
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    Grado seen in commercial

    During the commercials in today's new episode of The Office, a pair of grados popped up. it was a commercial for pre-school. some teenager had a pair of sr225? around his neck. they were the black plastic and might have had a silver mesh. the commercial for for californians only, i think...
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    WTB hd600 grills

    i'm looking for a pair of hd600 grills in new or very good condition please PM me if you are interested also looking for an hd650 cable!
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    etymotic goes wireless its for ipods only. the big box the iems are attached to look really awkward and uncomfortable. i'm excited to see how they match up to wired iems
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    portaphile produces a whine

    my maxxed portaphile has a strange problem. after about 5 minutes after being turned on, the portaphile produces a constant whine. i have tried changing the battery. anyone else have a similar problem?
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    Another koss ksc75 mod

    i got a little curious and started to take apart my koss ksc75 so i took off the grey caps and put the clips back on and got this result: more comfortable because the clips have more room for rotation then i realized that leaving the soldering joints bare could damage my headphones so...
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    my wallet feels a bit overweight...

    what should be my next upgrade? sorry if this is the wrong forum. i wanted to post it here because this is busiest forum here at headfi. i'll also include a bit of my history because i have time to kill. if you don't want to read...go to the last lines when i was first interested in audio...
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    Grado Bowls vs. Hd414 Pads

    Before I start the comparison, let me say that I am very new to headfi and music as a whole. The rig I will be using is the same in my signature; 4G ipod headphone jack – pa2v2 amp – a maxell headphone splitter to reduce jack stress from the – ratshack 6.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor – Alessandro ms2i...
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    wtb: grado or sennheiser adaptor

    just like the title says would like to keep it within the states my only means of payment would be by snail mailing cash
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    headphone in american werewolf in london

    so i was watching the movie this morning and the main character was listening to music through a pair of headphones. here's a picture...sorry about the thumbnail, i don't know how to post pictures on forums they have a serious grado feel with the two poles, headband, and a thick...
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    WTB: shure volume attenuator

    slightly used or new since i am a minor, i can't use paypal, so i'm stuck with snail mailing cash. PM me with offers
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    "shure" headphones?

    i was lurking around ilounge and found this in the classifieds. ClicketyClam claims that this shure model is not sold in america. scam? me thinks so
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    WTB: ipod line out

    i am looking for an ipod line out. new or used. it it requires a mini to mini interconnect, i would like to purchase a quality one as well. i already have a mini to mini interconnect, the one that came with my pa2v2. sorry, because i'm a minor, i can't use a credit card or paypal. so i'm...