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  1. freakydrew

    iPhone 4s dock connector question

    I wanted to try something quick and simple to get my headphones connected to the dock connector to see if I noticed any improvement in sound prior to making my own LOD.   So I took the white cable that I use to sync and charge my phone, put a female to female usb connector, then a usb to...
  2. freakydrew

    klipsch image s4i for iphone 3gs?

    we are trying to get pregnant, well my wife is trying and I am a willing participant. Anyway, she wants to increase her exercise by walking daily with our iphone. I want a decent set of headphones where she can enjoy the music and answer the phone while she walks. I think the Klipsch image...
  3. freakydrew

    AA battery hack!

    I am usually the last to know about things like this, but it was just send to me so I thought I would share in the off chance there is someone else who did not know....I have not tried this so no clue if it is true or not. I saved the video on my computer, but the upload failed so I can't...
  4. freakydrew

    solder fume extractor

    Greetings. I went to staples and bought a 12v PC cooling fan, cut off the original Molex adaptor, found an old 12v (output) adaptor from some long lost phone or who-knows-what, connected the two with some solder and heatshrink and voila, nice little fan. Actually, the first time I plugged...
  5. freakydrew

    does the source and ground need to be equal in an interconnect

    I have read a lot of web sites, watched the Youtube videos and searched the fourms here....all to be terribly more confused then when I thought I had it figured out. In a basic RCA to RCA interconnect, does the ground need to be of equal or greater signal strength then the source wire? my...
  6. freakydrew

    DIY starter kit

    the poll is straightforward, which is the best kit to get a newbie started in DIY? I live in Canada so search for option 3
  7. freakydrew

    My 500th post....

    My whole obsession and passion with headphones started about a year ago when I got a new computer. Beautiful new Dell with the Core i7 processor, 24" Dell hi-def monitor, Logitech z5500 sound system, built in blu-ray. Loved it but had an issued. My family room is in the basement. Essentially...
  8. freakydrew

    Audio Quality Rankings

    Obviously the source is crucial, but for the purpose of this post let's assume that we are dealing with a perfect source, in a perfect room, with perfect everything. What I am wondering is, in order of quality, how do the different formats stack up? Would it be: SACD CD FLAC ALAC wav...
  9. freakydrew

    Klipsch Image X5 Noise Isolating Earphones on Amazon for $149.99

    so it is no deal, but not bad either. Klipsch Image X5 Noise Isolating Earphones: Audio Advisor, Inc.
  10. freakydrew

    need assistance on how to handle ebay issue

    So I am fairly new to purchasing on ebay. I was looking at this: Vintage Garrard Type A Turntable w Original Dust Cover! - eBay (item 120515089977 end time Jan-18-10 01:00:42 PST) It was low when I first looked at it, and it is very rare to get a dust cover for this model. I placed a bid and...
  11. freakydrew

    tubes for sale on ebay

    hey there, I bought some tubes from the following people, they emailed me saying they were getting out of ebay and needed to get rid of all their tubes and would accept offers. Not sure if any are good to anyone, but I thought I would share anyway: eBay Store - Vintage Collectible Antique Rare...
  12. freakydrew

    pc to dac to amp to AKG 702 issues

    okay, I read the sticky first and the links are very outdated. I received my Zero 09 version today. I am using the optical out of my pc to the optical in on the zero then the RCA out to the RCA in on my Darkvoice 336i and then to my not fully burned in 702's. I use winamp pro as my player and...
  13. freakydrew

    Pioneer ELite X-Z9 - Pioneer Elite X-Z9 Hi-Fi Network Media Audio System - Shelf Systems anyone have any thoughts on this system? great savings right now? thanks
  14. freakydrew

    Why are so many K701, 702 for sale?

    I am really liking my K702 without needed amplification (soon!). I am concerned by the large number of K70x for sale on the forums? are members buying and then hating or buying as a second set and just not needing, what is the deal? I am concerned that the bottom will fall out of the k70x...
  15. freakydrew


    I know it has been arounf for awhile so I don't know if it is still cool or too old for coolness...anyway I would love to see a sculpture or nice steampunk pic of something headphone relaed...anyone know of anything? I just thought that tube amplifiers would fit in so nicely in the steampunk...
  16. freakydrew

    living in Canada

    so I had a post about how it is great to be Canadian except when it comes to buying head-fi gear, but it was deleted.... there was some good points raised about health care in Canada vs the US, I was looking for this article for awhile and finally found it again, very good! Debunking...
  17. freakydrew

    DEAL ALERT: westone 3

    I have no idea if these are good, don't know that much about earphones, but it looks like a good deal! Road Dog Online
  18. freakydrew

    My Fiio E5 does not seem to power my AKG K702? What up with that?

    Totally kidding. I received my RE2 and Fiio E5 combo from Head Direct today (excellent packaging, very impressed with Head Direct), and I also received my brand new AKG K702 in the mail. I brought my RE2 and Fiio to work, it will primarily be used there and with my Dell Mini 9 which is now...
  19. freakydrew

    Dell mini 9 question

    Greetings. I basically use my mini to listen to music in the kitchen, I have it hooked up to a 19" wall mounted Toshiba, which helps a lot. I am waiting for the Head Direct RE2 and Fiio combo to arrive and have transferred my favourite flac files to a 16 Gb USB thumb drive to make the mini my...
  20. freakydrew

    Dolby Headphne with an amp

    hypothetically speaking, if my soundcard supports Dolby Headphone (how many movies aside from Pearl Harbor actually use this?) will using an amp from my pc somehow mess with this technology? I am looking at buying a Littel Dot II+++ with Beyers DT770 (250 ohm) and soundcard on order is Xonar...
  21. freakydrew

    winamp issues

    hello. I have been using winamp for a month or so now and am really liking it. Yesterday, it said it needed to be updated to avoid some security issue, since then I am hearing a lot of crackles and pops...similar to listening to an older record. any suggestions on how to fix this? I hear it...
  22. freakydrew

    Canuck Audio Mart

    Being in Canada, I often check out Canuck Audio Mart to see if there are ever any good deals. I am looking for a turntable but always check out amplifiers etc. I cam across this yesterday and was wondering if those in the know (Uncle Eric I am looking at you), think this a score or just a good...
  23. freakydrew

    sound card help

    I recently entered the world of Head Fi and just picked up my headphones (Senns HD555 and ATH-AD700), I thought I had a decent sound card as my Dell is less than a month old, it is the Realtek High Def Integrated 7.1. Fellow head fi'ers have said this is no good, so am looking to upgrade...
  24. freakydrew

    Conflicted...first review of first headphones

    My addiction has officially begun..... I drove across the Canada-US border to pick up my brand new Sennheiser HD555 and Audio Technica ATH-AD700 headphones that I ordered through and had shipped to a friend who lives there....I was very excited, child on Christmas morning excited! My...
  25. freakydrew

    Beresford Mark 4 DAC/headphone amp

    for a total noob, is this a decent starter amp? I am getting Senns 555, and ATH-AD700's, both I am told do not need amplification, but this is for sale for $80 CDN.... should I pay or walk away? thanks