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  1. ken_loo

    Free to Good Home, Audio Technica ATH-W5000

    Diana Krall - Love Letters
  2. ken_loo

    My wife just won an awesome award at work!

    "whitest sneakers award"? hah nevermind.. congrats on the trip!
  3. ken_loo

    I have found my sound and to celebrate…….

    Dream Theater - Scenes From a Memory
  4. ken_loo

    hp1000 appreciation thread

    I know the hp2 won't be leaving my hands any time soon, but to be honest I enjoy the omegaIIs just as much depending on what I'm listening to.
  5. ken_loo

    Hip but Functional Cell Phones

    it was a pointless upgrade from a v3i.. but it sure looks different from the sea of razrs
  6. ken_loo

    How much money have you spent on headphones in total?

    When all is said and done probably around $10-11K for everything from source to amps to cables to headphones to tweaks. :O that's a scary revelation
  7. ken_loo

    Free Headphone Stand Giveaway!

    looked a lot better at ikea than after I put it up
  8. ken_loo

    Headphone Sightings 2

    just saw a girl with sr-60s, didn't get my "nice cans" reference though
  9. ken_loo

    Headphone Sightings 2

    saw someone with ksc75s today.. distinctive, especially with the wash of ibuds and sony vxxx around here
  10. ken_loo

    E500/Hornet Volume Poll

    not enough options.. i'm below 8oclock with UM2s on low gain
  11. ken_loo

    Digital Camera Advice (to DSLR or not to?)

    i just picked up a rebel xti to replace my elan ii 35mm. I'm loving it so far, I can use all the same lenses and I don't have to wait till I develop to see the shot.
  12. ken_loo

    Ray Samuels is a Very Great Guy! Great CS

    Quote: Originally Posted by 909 The "humming" is just a figure of speech, right? acutally it was poking fun at the old power supply that actually hummed.. this one is dead silent
  13. ken_loo

    Ray Samuels is a Very Great Guy! Great CS

    Ray, the Raptor is humming along beautifully with the all out ps upgrade
  14. ken_loo

    Hornet Volume Knob Gold or Silver?

    my first run hornet was black with silver knob, but I sent it in for the M mod and got back a black with gold knob.
  15. ken_loo

    So. . about the comply tips. . .

    I love the standard comply tips with the um2. Too bad they wear out pretty quickly.
  16. ken_loo

    Happy Birthday Zanth!

    Happy Birthday Zanth! Best wishes to you
  17. ken_loo

    KGSS Omega II users: What volume setting do you usually listen at safely?

    depends on the disc but usually just above 9 o'clock and very rarely above 12 o'clock
  18. ken_loo

    Amp options for the Stax O2?

    blackgold to be more precise
  19. ken_loo

    What would do with $42,000,000.????

    Quote: Originally Posted by Genetic Maybe but you.....#6/%(D"«&^) Ontarians....the $42,000,000 has been split in 4....with only one winner in Québec (In fact in my city... ) and 3 in Ontario..... Amicalement haha hey now be nice I actually work in Gatineau, so...
  20. ken_loo

    What would do with $42,000,000.????

    it certainly wasn't me.. i didn't even match 1 number
  21. ken_loo

    Grado HP-2: Review

    A standard cable! You don't see those quite so often.
  22. ken_loo

    What would do with $42,000,000.????

    hehe Genetic.. I saw it on the way home from work and couldn't resist picking up a ticket either. I'd give 1/2 to a worthy charity, then 1/4 among close friends and family, invest the other 1/4, and continue to work. Good luck to you!
  23. ken_loo

    Review: Grado Statement 1000

    excellent review as always Zanth!