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  1. DrellAssassin

    ipod classic audio quality unbearably bad

    The ipod touch 3g has nice SQ and so does the newest 160gb classic since it's built from the newer touch platform.
  2. DrellAssassin

    how different does the ath ad700 sound from the ath m50?

    ATH-M50 has a more closed and deeper sound but still great accuracy all around. The AD700 since there open have a larger soundstage and more transparent.
  3. DrellAssassin

    Amp for ATH-M50

    Hmmmm....fiio E3 and E5 are the only ones I can think of. They might bring out some of the lower end, but you won't notice a huge difference in SQ. I would say to not buy an amp and save the money to buy an amp when you really need it. The M50's are already easy enough to drive unamped.
  4. DrellAssassin

    DENON AH-D1001 vs. Audio Technica ATH-M50

    Quote:       Then the ATH M50's are what you want. One of the best values of any headphone out there.
  5. DrellAssassin

    ATH-M50 straight vs coiled?

    No, no discernible difference. The coiled version will be better for portable use if you plan on walking around with them.
  6. DrellAssassin

    help getting some cans

    HD 595 are open so they'll leak sound, and won't isolate..not sure if you want that. But is you want portability get the M50's they sound amazing and are closed so they can be worn on a train or bus. The HD595's will sound better though because they are open.
  7. DrellAssassin

    What amp should i pair with my earphones/headphone?

    If you really want an amp try the fiio E1 or E5
  8. DrellAssassin

    My first pair!!

    the m50s don't need an amp. matter of fact you'll be better off without one.
  9. DrellAssassin

    How do you cope with stress?

    I work out. It is the best way, at least for me, to cope with stress. Some good jazz music tends to help as well. 
  10. DrellAssassin

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm ,M-Audio Studiophile Q40 or Audio-Technica ATH-M50

    Probably the DT770. But for me the ATH m50 have enough bass and they are good unamped.
  11. DrellAssassin

    Wow this so sad (M-50)

    Spray paint them pink. Everyone knows that ladies like pink, and with pink professional headphones you'll be virtually irresistible. Not to mention that size matters. Women like the man with the bigger gun, the bigger house, the bigger boat, the bigger ego. When she sees the beats or even iems...
  12. DrellAssassin

    Best portable amp for ATH-M50???

    You don't need one. Don't waste your money, they sound great without one. 38 ohms!!!!!! WOWWWWWWZEEER!!!!!!
  13. DrellAssassin

    Will I Hear the Difference?

    The M50s are one of the best if not the best price/performance value for a headphone. Amazing accuracy.
  14. DrellAssassin

    DT 220 vs ATH-M50s

    I would suggest the ATH-M50s in this case because of the amount of bass they have. Nonetheless, don't limit your options the Beyerdynamic DT770 are also great headphones and arguably have the best bass.
  15. DrellAssassin

    ATHM40FS vs ATH-M50S?

    Get the M50s they are awesome. Durable, good accurate sound, nice bass, isolate well, fold up so they are portable, and they are 38 ohms impedance so they are easy to drive from something like an ipod or a laptop meaning you won't need to spend the extra $$$$ on an amp.
  16. DrellAssassin

    Portable Amp for ATH-M50's?

    I own the ATH-M50's and from what I've read an amp does not add much too the headphones. After all, they are 38 ohms impedance which makes them ridiculously easy to drive unamped. But, if you are set on getting an amp, the Fiio E5 is often recommended.
  17. DrellAssassin

    Headset for all purposes, I need some advices

    I would consider the ATH-M50 as a possibility. They are closed back headphones so they will offer isolation. And they do well with almost any genre, except classical. They sound amazing in the highs lows and mids, when you consider their cost. ATH-M50 are a good all around headphone, sound great...
  18. DrellAssassin

    Beats by Dr Dre (Talk me out of it?)

    I must agree with most people suggestion of getting the ATH M50. They have very good bass without overdoing it while still maintaining accuracy in the mids and highs. Although I will say that the mids seem slightly recessed but maybe that's just me. I'm not sure if they are in stock anymore...
  19. DrellAssassin

    ATH-A700 vs. ATH-M50

        I can only comment on the ATH-M50, and I will say they are extremely durable. I have fell asleep on top of them at least ten times already and I weigh 160 pounds. Not to mention I once dropped them down an entire flight of stairs and both the M50's and my iPod, which went along for the ride...
  20. DrellAssassin

    What are some of the most underrated phones?

    I have an old pair of Aiwa HP-MO46 headphones lying around and they sound pretty good to my ears. I must confess that I am no audiophile so I cannot describe the sound in detail, other than it sounds very light and airy, very little pizzazz but guitars sound nice.
  21. DrellAssassin

    I'm lost where do I ask about building a home rig using my laptop as a source?

    Thanks for the information. I am going to need to read it a few more times, to understand what a clock is, but your examples at the end and your explanation of the cables was most helpful.
  22. DrellAssassin

    Have any of you heard about Auto-Tune the News?

    Auto-Tune the news is a Youtube series from the Gregory Brothers. There channel Schmoyoho, features music videos where they Auto-Tune news anchors, senators, representatives, Obama, Biden etc. They also auto-tune viral videos like the double rainbow guy, and Antoine Dodson.   There latest...
  23. DrellAssassin

    I'm lost where do I ask about building a home rig using my laptop as a source?

    The only headphones I have are the ATH-M50, which I listen to out of my ipod touch 3g or Walkman. And my only "desktop" source is my Dell Inspirion 1525 laptop. I want to ask about how I build a home rig but there isn't a category for that. I've been looking at the Senn HD-580 for my headphones...