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  1. katulu

    HD 800 S Anniversary Edition

    Hard pass on this.
  2. katulu

    SOLD Apex Teton w/ TOTL Tubes! Best Amp for HD800/S! +tubes!

    What can I say except: best of luck! :)
  3. katulu

    I am DONE with FOSTEX TH900 pads...

    Just took out my stock TH900 and surprise surprise - earpads are disintegrating AGAIN! I'm sick of this, I admit I love the protein pads but this is ridiculous, I don't use my TH900 (I have 2, one stock and one modded) all that much, and every few months I take one out for a listen, and boom -...
  4. katulu

    Does it even exist?

    I used my HD800 for COD for a little while. I found the rolled-off subbass helpful since explosions came through less loudly. I do tend to need more treble in my hearing, so these might be fatiguing for you whereas for me they were fine.
  5. katulu

    Wells Audio Milo w/Khozmo, Vishay resistors, XLR -sale pending

    Still for sale... had actually forgotten to bump lately. PM me if interested.
  6. katulu

    SOLD Apex Teton w/ TOTL Tubes! Best Amp for HD800/S! +tubes!

    SOLD Hello! I've regretfully decided to sell my Apex Teton amp with a TOTL tube complement, as well as the extra tubes I have. This amp is in "near mint" condition and fully working, and as far as sound... I've never heard HD6xx, HD800, or HD800S sound better in ANYTHING else! Since I've...
  7. katulu

    FS Blue Hawaii Special Edition BHSE Alps RK50 Black - SOLD

    Hello all, On offer is a black HeadAmp BHSE, 120v, with the Alps RK50 volume control and the original set of Mullard tubes. It comes with black spiked feet and the black metal circles upon which to stand them (both amp and power supply). I bought this amp from fellow member koven in 2018, amp...
  8. katulu

    Find me a DAC/AMP or whatever.

    I would say: Topping D90 DAC ($700), JDS Labs Atom Amp ($100), Sennheiser HD-800S ($1,700). Enjoy.