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  1. Svperstar

    WTB Audeze LCD-2 cable in Anchorage, Alaska

    I need a new cable for my LCD-2 and I am hoping some nice head-fier in Anchorage can sell me one. Thanks!
  2. Svperstar

    HD650 fan. Like dark sound. Better "end game" for dark/veiled sound?

    So I have been on headfi since 2004 and the way I tend to do things is buy a bunch of crap, then use it for years till it breaks. I rarely upgrade.   I am getting a promotion at work so I was thinking about the Sennheiser HD800s since they are "end game" for Sennheiser.   However I really...
  3. Svperstar

    Sonarworks Headphone Calibration software, anyone explain how I can get this working with foobar/musicbee?

    Perhaps I have just gone dumb this Labor Day but I got the 21 day trial from here:   I have tried copying the VST plugin to the foobar directory and musicbee but it doesn't show up anywhere in the options.  ...
  4. Svperstar

    My 10 year old Little Dot ii+ has developed nasty distortion in the right channel. How can I tell if this is the tube or internet circuitry?

    I am amazed it still works and the tubes have not burned out. Since it has developed this distortion it has sat unused. I wouldn't mind buying new tubes but if the problem persists then it is a waste of money.   I always thought the tubes would just die some day. Not develop distortion.
  5. Svperstar

    Why do companies make headphones hard to drive(300+ ohm) is it a conspiracy to sell more amps?

    Got to thinking. I have been on Head-fi since 2004 and heard my fair share of amps/headphones. I have been laptop only for years now and recently the headphone jack died. I picked up a Dragonfly v1.2 which sounds amazing considering it is only $150.   However it doesn't quite have enough power...
  6. Svperstar

    Shiit Asgard 2 vs Objective 2. Convince me.

    So I have been using my Little Dot tube amp for years. I sold a Gilmore Lite 5 years ago and I find myself itching for solid state again. The discrete design of the Asgard 2 interests me but the Objective 2 is extremely popular.   so t houghts?
  7. Svperstar

    What current amps have a similar sound signature to the Gilmore Lite?

    So I quit the headphone hobby in 2008 when the economy crashed and I had to move across the USA for a new job. I sold everything headphone related I owned with the exception of my Sennheiser 580s, 590s, and Little Dot tube amp.   Sadly I also sold my Gilmore Lite which I am still kicking...
  8. Svperstar

    Gilmore Lite headphone amplifier $200 obo

    Have gotten out of the audio hobby lately. Need to sell this asap. Not sure what the going rate is anymore but its $250 OBO. After moving across the country and everything I am kind of out of this hobby. Great little amp.
  9. Svperstar

    FS: Sony MDR-SA5000s. Great condition.

    Here is a link to them on Amazon:   I have had these headphones for a while but since I moved I have not listened to them once. Great condition lightly used. Only one catch. In the middle of moving out of my old house...
  10. Svperstar

    WTS MHDT Labs Paradisea+ Tube DAC

    Thanks in advance, happy Christmas/Chanukkah/Kwanzaa/Solstice I love this DAC, but due to some unforeseen financial issues I need to get rid of it. This is the upgraded + edition that has higher quality internal components and USB support. I would be willing to throw in my tributaries...
  11. Svperstar

    [POLL]Is it ok to question validity of "audiophile" claims/equipment?

    After a discussion I had last night in another thread, just started me thinking. People take this hobby very seriously, as do I. One of my personal principles I live by in my day to day life, is No Sacred Cows. I highly support critical thinking about absolutely everything. Basically...
  12. Svperstar

    Welcome to PARADISEA+ !!! ( pics of DAC :) )

    Since I recently came into a nice chunk of change I decided to break my 2007 resolution of "No new headphone stuff for one full year" One aesthetic difference is the Paradisea+ has MHDT LAB cut out of the top of the box vs the original which had PARADISEA on the top. Let me start off by...
  13. Svperstar

    So a friend of mine left town tonight and gave me a great gift

    A friend of mine thats into headphones, has actually heard the Orpheus at a meet, left town tonight for good. Sad yes. But hey I'm a guy, I can handle it. As hes leaving hes like "Oh yeah, I got you a present" I think some little card or something, and he gives me his Sennheiser 590s. I...
  14. Svperstar

    Who has heard the MHDT labs Renaissance II Non-OS DAC? (or any other tube non-os dacs

    Since this hobby never ends, I am wondering how a more analog sounding DAC would go with my LDII+ and Gilmore Lite. The Renaissance II looks like a really high quality product, I havent seen an in depth reviews of it though. I am sure...
  15. Svperstar

    Does the Foobar resampler DSP do anything to a file at the target sample rate?

    Messing around with Foobar again for the first time in a few months. So if you have a typical 44.1 file, and the resampler is set to 44.1 does it even do anything or no?
  16. Svperstar

    Current or ex-SA5000 owners that switched to a different "main can", question

    Feeling the urge to expand my headphone collection again I was just curious, I know the SA5000 was popular here for a while, but many people have also sold it off. I am curious, what headphone did you switch too, and why specifically do you like it better than the SA5000s? What is it...
  17. Svperstar

    Thinking of entering Grado town, recommendations for first Grado?

    Since I have a nice new tube amp on the way, I was thinking about how it would sound paired with Grados. I was thinking about The SR-60s naturally, but some people like the SR-80s more, should I get the 80s? What is the biggest difference? I considered the SR-225s but I would hate to drop...
  18. Svperstar

    WTB: Little Dot II+ (or II with no buzz)

    I want to get me one of these I am interested in that version, or if possibleI want to get a standard LD II with no buzz. I have read that the LD II has a nasty buzz/hum on some of the models that is apparent even with volume, I don't...
  19. Svperstar

    Where to go from the Gilmore Lite?

    I just got a phone call today, after 3 interviews I got my new job making a nice chunk more than at my current job So I am thinking of rewarding myself with a new amp, in addition to recabling my SA5000s. My budget is $500-$1,000. I am not sure where to go. I am interested in Tubes, but...
  20. Svperstar

    Calling people that have recabled their Sony SA5000s

    So I dropped off my SA5000s to be recabled today, turns out the guy in the shop won't be able to get to them till monday, and he has to "do some research". It is a nice place, I saw several peices of gear there going for $6,000. And they have been here for 20 years. However the guy has never...
  21. Svperstar

    WTB Sennheiser 580s

    That says it all
  22. Svperstar

    IC: EMU0404 w/ Custom breakout cable & adapters and/or Audigy 2 ZS

    Just got an X-Fi Elite Pro on Friday So now the EMU and Audigy 2 ZS are just going to gather dust. The Audigy 2 was purchased in late 2004, the EMU was purchased in March of 2005. I have the original boxes for both, the EMUs box is in pretty good shape, however the Audigy 2 box got smashed...
  23. Svperstar

    Which cans have the widest, and airy soundstage?

    Thinking about picking up yet another pair of cans :P Have very warm thick cans(akg 240) and very fast (SA5K). The Senn 457s aren't bad either but don't really accel at much besides smoothing sounds out and having thick bass. So I was thinking of picking up some cans with a very wide...
  24. Svperstar

    Willing to try more expensive cables, recommend some RCAs?

    I got my X-Fi Elite Pro yesterday and I was lucky enough to have TerryMX make me a 1/8" mini to 2 Male RCA cables to hook to my Gilmore Lite. I have been debating trying a silver cable or something to satisfy my curiosity, my limit is $150 though I would like to spend less if possible. I...
  25. Svperstar

    WTB: X-Fi Elite Pro

    I know, very little chance anyone will want to sell, I want to order this by the end of the week so I figured I would give it a shot here If you decided it wasn't worth the price or whatever just lemme know