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  1. errorrrr

    Weird Request for Recommendation - Bad Isolation/Easy Insertion IEMs

    Hello Guys,   Not really new to IEMs, had a few pairs of mid-high end IEMs and they are actually too good at isolating noises. I have a strange request for recommendation.   Basically, i am looking for IEMs that have bad isolation because I'd like to know what people is saying or...
  2. errorrrr

    Volume comparison Etymotic ER4 vs Shure E4G

    Which has the loudest volume right out of the box and connected to Mp3 source?
  3. errorrrr

    Volume ControL??

    I recently got the Shure E4G... it came with this 3.5mm volume control thingy... I was wondering what you call that thing? and where can I buy something similar?? it's male 3.5mm on one hand, and 3.5mm female on the other (connects to the hadphone).
  4. errorrrr

    best tips for E4

    What's the best tips (block out most noise, tightest seal) for Shure E4Gs??
  5. errorrrr

    How to reduce cable noise?

    I have in ear headphones (ER6s)... and the cable noise when I am walking is just drives me crazy.. are there any accessory that I can buy that give me better cable management to reduce the cable noise? or some other in ear headphones that come with this function (UE, Shure, or other ER...)