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  1. Pete7

    Grado HF3 (SOLD)

    Bought 4 months ago. This was one of the last 4ourears had left in stock. Barely used at all. I love the sound, just don't have a need for them. SOLD
  2. Pete7

    Headamp Pico Power #0046 (SOLD)

    Bought this mint condition Pico Power 3 months ago. It doesn't get used enough but sounds fantastic. Comes with battery charger I purchased, 2 extra screws, case, and original box it came in. The batteries are new and have only been charged about 5 times. SOLD.
  3. Pete7

    Westone W60 v2 (SOLD)

    Bought these new 4 months ago. Mint condition. Comes with box and all original accessories (Bluetooth cable, eartips, SPC cable, red faceplates etc, I'll also throw in a VECLAN copper 2.5 balanced cable. The photo has a paperclip to hold the form of the cable, FYI). Price is SOLD.Shipping is...
  4. Pete7

    Westone UM50 Pro (2017 revision) SOLD

    For sale my UM50 Pro's that I purchased new in December 2018. They are in like new condition, come with all accessories including an unused fit kit, as I have the UM56 custom tips. Would consider a trade for the W60. Price is SOLD, including PayPal fees and shipping within continental U.S. and...
  5. Pete7

    Cayin N5iiS (SOLD)

    Cayin N5iiS for sale. Received it brand new from MusicTeck March 18 as a resolution for a purchase of an Opus 1S with a defective battery. Although I dig the N5iiS, I find myself missing the sound of the Opus. Cosmetically it's flawless and doesn't have the technical issues of the N5ii. This is...
  6. Pete7

    Fiio X5

    X5 for sale. Purchased April 2015 from Amazon. Comes with original box, line out cable, coaxial line out cable, usb cable and rubber case. Very good condition- small scratch on top part of the screen, barely noticeable with the case on. A few scratches on the aluminum on the back of the unit...
  7. Pete7

    WTB: Extended battery back plate for DX90

    Let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks.
  8. Pete7

    WTB: Extended battery back plate for DX90

    Let me know if you have one you want to sell. Thanks.
  9. Pete7

    Linum Music IEM cable (2 pin)

    Bought this new off an Amazon seller 2 months ago. Like new condition. SOLD paypalled and shipped within continentil U.S. Outside U.S. pays shipping.
  10. Pete7

    Linum Bax IEM cable (MMCX)

    Bought this used from this thread. Excellent condition. SOLD and shipped within continentil U.S. Outside U.S. pays for shipping.
  11. Pete7

    JDS Labs C5

    Bought this March 3 of this year. Like new condition. Enjoy it but have 2 other portables I prefer. Comes with box, original receipt and charge cable. SOLD includes paypal fees and shipping within continentil U.S.
  12. Pete7

    Fiio E12A

    Fiio E12A for sale. Bought new in June from an ebay seller. Barely used it and in like new condition. Includes box. $115 includes paypal and shipping within North America.
  13. Pete7

    Fiio E12A

    Fiio E12A for sale. Bought new in June from an ebay seller. Barely used it and in like new condition. Includes box. SOLD includes paypal and shipping within North America.
  14. Pete7

    Cayin C5

    For sale a month-old Cayin C5 portable amp that I purchased from amp city audio on ebay. It's got approximately 250 hours of burn-in and is perfect cosmetically and sonically. I'm selling because I need a amp with a little less power for my IEM's. Price is $SOLD which includes shipping within...
  15. Pete7

    EarSonics SM64v2 (Sold)

    For sale my SM64v2's that I purchased from Pepper from this thread in September: They will come with the original box, carry case and 2 pairs of EarSonics biflanges. They've been de-filtered as they sound more...
  16. Pete7

    Leckerton UHA-6S MK II

    For sale, my Leckerton Audio UHA-6S MK II that I originally purchased via this classified in October 2013: I'm the 2nd owner and this is a low gain model. Low gain is -18 db and high gain is 1, which makes it perfect for IEMs and the higher...
  17. Pete7

    WTT BTG Audio Starlight CIEM cable for comparable copper IEM cable

    Says it all in the title. Perfect condition BTG Audio Starlight CIEM cable (Westone pins) available to trade straight up for a comparable IEM cable such as a BTG Audio Midnight or Sunset (without nasty green oxidation please) CIEM cable, Plussound Audio Exo IEM cable or a Forza Audioworks Copper...
  18. Pete7

    Westone 4R

    For sale my Westone 4R that I purchased in December from this thread here. They were originally purchased in October 2013 and are in like new condition. They can be bought for SOLD or together as a set with the PlusSound Exo...
  19. Pete7

    Ibasso P4 Warbler (SOLD)

    For sale my P4 Warbler that I originally purchased from Ibasso in March 2011. It's in great condition other than some minor scratches that are hardly noticeable and works perfectly. It comes with an extra battery (a $35 value) and 2 additional dual op-amps on adapters to play with: THS 4032 and...
  20. Pete7

    RE262 SOLD

    My Hifiman RE262 for sale that I purchased 6 months ago. These sound great but I don't need them as I have SM3's and UM3X's. These come with Hifiman tips as well as some assorted ones That the previous owner gave me. They come with both cable attachments: the one which enables them to be worn up...
  21. Pete7

    JDS Labs C5

    For sale a 5-month old JDS Labs C5 in almost new condition. Couple of barely even noticeable scratches on the front plate. A great sounding, perfectly portable amp. The only reason I'm selling is I purchased a UHA-4 and I like crossfeed. PayPal fees and shipping included. $155 Price drop.
  22. Pete7

    FS: Grado HF-2 #236 (SOLD)

    Reluctant to have to sell these, as they are my favorite Grado head phone. These come with the original box and receipt from TTVJ. They are in terrific condition and have been babied. Some minor cable twistification, but nothing out of the ordinary. Price is SOLD- shipping and paypal included...
  23. Pete7

    FS: ALO Cryo SXC 22G Ipod Dock

    Excellent condition ALO Cryo SXC 22G Ipod dock for sale. Got a low-rider dock from another head-fi member a few months back, so I really don't use this anymore. SOLD takes it- shipping and paypal fees included (within the continentil U.S.).
  24. Pete7

    FS: Sennheiser 580 with Cardas Cable

    Up for sale my Sennheiser 580 with Cardas Cable. The headband pads are a little worn, but otherwise everything else is good to go with these phones. Price is SOLD or possibly a trade for decent IEMs. The cable is not being sold separately. Shipping is free within continentil U.S.
  25. Pete7

    Little Pinkie V2 w/ upgraded Power IC (Musical Fidelity X-Cans V1 or V2)

     Up for sale is a Little Pinkie V2  Power Supply, with an upgraded power interconnect that can go from the Little Pinkie to a Musical Fidelity X-Can V1, V2 or V2 Tube Buffer units. I bought this set from mrarroyo in May 2009, in this thread here...