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  1. datranz

    Burn-in for CIEM, myth or magic?

    Initially I was hesitant about burn in, but after purchasing a dozen or so iems, burn in does indeed improve sound after a certain number of hours, and varies on different iems. For example, my aaw saw the biggest change in treble and bass. While my periodic be need very little burn in.
  2. datranz

    IEM recommendations for $300

    200.00 for the pa be is a really good deal, you can do a lot worse. It’s my go to item. But if you want any hybrids, flc8s for 3 bills is my next recommendation. Be is more natural and precise, it’s hard to explain, while flc8s is more lively.
  3. datranz

    Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be, C

    What kind of music do you listen to? Not enough bass is the last thing I would describe on these. Maybe you like more sub bass rumble? My other iem has a little more sub bass rumble, but these have more punch out of my iPhone 7. Any fiio amp with bass boost will pound you head off. I don’t...
  4. datranz

    Best headphones for running

    For excercise, Bose soundsport wireless is hard to beat with its internal dsp.
  5. datranz

    TOUR CLOSED - CUSTOMART US CIEM Demo Lineup Tour - Including Harmony 8.2 and Ei.XX

    Just received, unfortunately I don't have anytime to spare today, really looking forward to try them out.
  6. datranz

    New to IEMs, where to start?

    flc8.. good for almost anything for not much more than your target price.
  7. datranz

    Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

    ^^^ good video with real world test. The extra bandwidth is real and will benefit greatly although the range can be a big iffy.
  8. datranz

    Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet? Low power has 2x bt4.2 (2Mbps vs 1Mbps) bandwidth with 4x range.
  9. datranz

    Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

    i don't think we are there yet until bt5 is fully implemented.
  10. datranz

    FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

    I got a chance to listen to the flc for a week from a friend, so my impression are not to be taken seriously. I like it a lot but I found it too similar to dn2k so i didn't order it. Here is my take: they have very different sound, be is much faster with less decay all around, more coherent...
  11. datranz

    TOUR CLOSED - Advanced Acousticwerkes US CIEM Demo Lineup Tour - W900, W500, plus two surprises >>> Starting March 2017

    I love my ciem a3hpro v1 built quality and fit, but I finds the treble extension and clarity lacking compare to my other iem. I looking forward to the v2 or the w500
  12. datranz

    crinacle's IEM FR measurement database

    What I mean is it possible that a like decay in the treble region could in there allows for a bigger sound. For example, when I compare the be compare to the dunu, the treble and vocals of the be seems to be (subjectively) juicer, more space. The be is drier, quicker and more direct, like a...
  13. datranz

    crinacle's IEM FR measurement database

    I'm curious if my thoughts are correct, our ears and brains can differentiate sounds in milliseconds, and it's how we are able to have spacious cues, i.e. Doppler effects or echo in a large room. So we correlate that to iems soundstage to sound decaying at some region in the fr? Can we be...
  14. datranz

    Best earbud setup for $500?

    You should go ask in the flc forum. You should also check out the dunu 3001
  15. datranz

    Best earbud setup for $500?

    it does have a small port, but isolation is not too bad. Sound will only leak if you listen super loud. Unlike jvc, everything leaks.
  16. datranz

    Best earbud setup for $500?

    Get the flc8 then, you are not missing much from totl thousands of dollars iems of the world. IME, W40 is not better than flc8. I haven't heard the AF180.
  17. datranz

    Best earbud setup for $500?

    I would look in the classify section on this forum, if not, flc8.
  18. datranz


    the delta is a very god iem, but amping doesn't do much. icy is more fun, it is more emotional, you just want to bop your head and tap your feet on a good song. Icy 3 just let you enjoy the music, has good space, but not overly resolving. IMO, the delta and the icy3 has very similar tuning...
  19. datranz

    crinacle's IEM FR measurement database

    @DanWiggins if you have time, I'm very interested in this science stuff, really looking forward to your reply, thanks.
  20. datranz

    JH13 Pro FreqPhase

  21. datranz


    but I didn't get my master either