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  1. ribosradagast

    [SOLD] Woo Audio WA7 FIREFLIES (2nd GEN) - Tube Amplifier / DAC

    I'm downsizing my headphones collection in favor of speakers, and as such I'm selling my beloved WA7 tube amp. It sounds great and is beautiful, especially with the room lights off. This is the second generation and includes the built-in DAC. I am the original owner. Better pictures will...
  2. ribosradagast

    SOLD: Brand New Focal Elear

    Just received these from Focal, but have moved on to the Clear so I have no need for these. Perfect for someone wanting to buy to compare to their Elex, or who doesn't want to wait on the Massdrop business model Late serial number, manufactured in July so shouldn't have any of the issues that...
  3. ribosradagast


    Purchased this Dec 20, 2016 - so definitely has plenty of the transferable warranty left. Replaced it with a Woo Audio WA7, so it's not getting as much playtime as it deserves. My loss is your gain! It's b-stock, which I know is scary to some people, but it looks like what that means is that...
  4. ribosradagast

    SOLD: Mint Fostex TH900 - FINAL PRICE DROP!

    Just bought these and found the sound signature to not be to my liking :'( So trying to sell to a new owner who will appreciate them more, at a great price. Beautiful headphones, and come with everything: box, instruction manual, warranty card, carrying pouch, headphones stand, and all boxes...