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  1. dadracer2

    Review by 'dadracer2' on item 'iFi audio ZEN CAN'

    In an effort to do the right thing I have made an attempt to recreate the ifi Audio Zen Can web page on my own desktop with my own Audio Technica ATH MSR7b headphones. You can see the proper image here alongwith a whole lot of technical details regarding...
  2. dadracer2

    Reply to review by 'dadracer2' on item 'iFi audio Pro iDSD - Standalone. Streamer. DacAmp'

    Lately I have been battling with the Pro iDSD to play with Tidal MQA (Masters) content. It seems that the Muzo app will not work with Tidal MQA at all and so it is necessary to use the M Connect app instead. I am trying to make it work but my iPhone wants to connect to M Connect via Airplay and...
  3. dadracer2

    Reply to review by 'dadracer2' on item 'Lindemann Musicbook Source V4'

    Nice review but I wondered if you used any hires files during your testing? I think that Lindemann products seem to like working with DSD files but I couldn't tell if you had used any or not.I note that you didn't like the control app when using Android and so what did you compare that to?
  4. dadracer2

    Reply to review by 'dadracer2' on item 'iFi audio Pro iDSD - Standalone. Streamer. DacAmp'

    Actually just yesterday the XLR to 4.4mm adapter plug I had ordered arrived. So I tried out the Pro iDSD with the AT MSR7b single ended and balanced and then finally the HD800S again both single ended and balanced. The ATs sounded improved with a slightly stronger bass and a more focused stereo...
  5. Lindemann Limetree Network

    Lindemann Limetree Network

    Background The background for this was due to an error of judgement on my part in selecting a new headphone/integrated amplifier for my main system. I had reasoned that I would not need a small office based system as I would be listening all the time to the main system. Therefore in the items I...
  6. ifi Audio Nano iGalvanic 3.0

    ifi Audio Nano iGalvanic 3.0

    This will be kind of a 2 part review as I tried out the ifi Audio iGalvanic 3.0 in 2 different systems. I received this on loan from the very kind ifi Audio folks but I don’t have any connection with them financial or otherwise. You can read a large amount of information about the iGalvanic 3.0...
  7. dadracer2

    Reply to review by 'dadracer2' on item 'Cayin N5ii'

    Thanks for a great review. I got an N5ii a month or so back after a long battle over whether to go DAP or iPhone plus DAC/Amp. The Cayin won out as my phone couldn't store very many albums in hi res.