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  1. SNSDluv

    Grace Design M920 (SOLD)

    SOLD Purchased from Massdrop of its first drop, back in January of 2015. This still has about 9 months of warranty left I think?(5 years I believe) I have probably about 200 hours with this machine, the condition is still really good as you can see from the picture. I'm selling this because...
  2. SNSDluv

    Focal Sphear S In-Ear Headphones (NA only)

    Brand New Sealed. Got this from a contest. Description can be found on the Focal official website. Currently selling for $130+tax online. I am selling this for $100 shipped within Canada, and $110 shipped within the States.
  3. SNSDluv

    WTB Noble Kaiser 10 Universal OR JH Audio Roxanne Universal

    Like title,  Looking for one of these. Needs to be in good condition and clean, and have receipts for warranty purposes. Please PM me if interested! :)
  4. SNSDluv

    Selling Schiit Modi USB version in like new condition

    Hi all, I am selling my Schiit Modi USB version for $60USD or $75CAD. Bought them just about a year ago and lightly used(I would say about 50 hours total). I am the first and only owner.   I am located in downtown Toronto, ON, Canada if anyone is interested in face-to-face trade! :)  ...
  5. SNSDluv

    WTB: Looking for Master & Dynamic MH40/MH40-PW

    Hi, I am looking to get a pair of great condition Master & Dynamic MH40. Only looking for the white/black/copper limited edition one OR the normal silver/brown version. I am located in downtown Toronto, ON, Canada. Please PM me if you've got a pair and with offer. Thanks! :D
  6. SNSDluv

    [WANTED] looking for Resonessence Labs HERUS

    Like title, I am looking for Resonessence Labs HERUS in great condition. I am located in Toronto/Waterloo or I can meet up in Vancouver during Christmas. Can also be shipped so long as it's reasonable. PM me if you have an offering. Thanks! :)
  7. SNSDluv

    New Opened box Sony Audio MDR-XB600 Extra Bass On-Ear Stereo Headphones Black 40mm Driver

    BRAND NEW NEVER USED! I got it literally today and opened it to check if everything is okay. I don't need it so take it! :P I purchased from so authenticity can be guarantee. Please don't hesitate and contact me when you have any question! Thanks for visiting, have a great one! :)...
  8. SNSDluv

    NEW opened box KEF M200

    Up for sale is a pair of M200 by KEF. They are never used(or I believe I used it to make sure it was working). As you can see on the pictures, the plastic on metal pieces are not even taken off. The ear tips package is not opened as well.   NOTE: the comply tips does not come with the...
  9. SNSDluv

    WTB: Bottlehead Crack

    WTB a PRE-BUILT Bottlehead Crack (with or without upgrades). I am located in Vancouver, B.C. and will be moving to Lethbridge, AB after Jan.3rd if you want to do face trade. Otherwise with PayPal. Reasonable prices only! Thank you and happy holiday everyone! :)
  10. SNSDluv

    Logitech UE 900 NEW for sale

    Selling a pair of Logitech UE 900 brand new and sealed. 2 year Logitech Warranty should still be available for registration. Asking for $290+postage or pick up in Vancouver, BC. Thank you for visiting and PM for any question! :) Regards, HC
  11. SNSDluv

    Need Gel-style ear pads

    Hi guys, I am desperately looking for a pair of 90mm diameter circular gel-style ear pads for my 700pro mk2. I found that the EDT 300GS from Beyerdynamic is a good fit but I can't find it anywhere that is still available. Please let me know and thanks in advance! Regards, HC
  12. SNSDluv

    What is the diameter of Beyerdynamic HS 200 or HS 400 Headphones?

    Hi, I am planning to replace the ear pads on my ATH-700PRO MK2 ANV. I heard that the gel-style ear pads HS 200 will work. For those who has HS 200 or HS 400, do you guys mind measuring the diameter? This is what I have Please let me know and thank you in advance! Regards, HC
  13. SNSDluv

    Looking for ear pads replacement for ATH-700PROMK2

    Hey guys, I am looking for a more comfortable ear pads for my 700PROMK2. I have searched around and people said the DT770 gel ear pads are good, like these , but too bad as you can see, they...