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  1. Syver

    iFi Zen Stream: Setup, Tips, Tricks...

    Hi Guies, I am looking for step by step instructions to update the firmware of my Zen Stream. When I connect to the Zen Stream @ and and click on check updates nothing happens (normal since the computer is no longer connected to the Internet ? if so how is this supposed to work...
  2. Syver

    Grado SR325x what do they do that the HD650 HD6XX don't do better?

    I could not disagree more. The 325x sound very good to me and very different from the HD6 series. They have become my go-to amidst a number of other more expensive headphones . The comfort issue is real but easily fixed with the aftermarket options available (already discussed in another...
  3. Syver

    Schiit 'Magnius' - new $199 fully balanced headphone amp

    That explains it ... I will get a black one then ... Thx
  4. Syver

    Schiit 'Magnius' - new $199 fully balanced headphone amp

    The Magnius is no longer available in "silver" on Schiit's website: Magnius 2 on the way ?
  5. Syver

    Grado Fan Club!

    So the prestige series headphones have advanced to the letter "x", how long does it usually take for the other series to follow suite ?
  6. Syver

    Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

    The HD800S are the most comfortable headphones I know, how much that is worth is for you to decide … :-) … and they sound better than the HD660s
  7. Syver

    iFi audio ZEN CAN Signature 6XX / ZEN DAC Signature now sold by iFi !!!

    Hi, I have both and I have a slight preference for the Signature stack which I find a tad warmer and with a nicer design / colour scheme. Wether the first MQA unfold is done by the software or the DAC does not make any audible difference to me. If you can find the Signature bundle online, it...
  8. Syver

    Grado Fan Club!
  9. Syver

    Grado Fan Club!

    They look wonderful ... The Hermes of Grado pads ... Thanks for sharing.
  10. Syver

    iFi audio ZEN DAC - EISA Award Winner 'Best Value DAC 2020-21!

    It works fine with Roon. No issues. Great piece of kit you can build on later on by adding the Zen Can, Stream …
  11. Syver

    Grado Fan Club!

    Full review that will answer your question here. In short: yes.
  12. Syver

    Grado Fan Club!

    I had the same reaction to the stock pads and found the Yaxi pads to greatly improve comfort while preserving the sound signature of the Grados.
  13. Syver

    iFi audio ZEN Stream - Streaming elevated to a higher plane

    Why do you think is Tidal Connect not sounding as good as Tidal through Roon for example. Internal Tidal Connect limitations ?
  14. Syver

    Reply to review by 'Syver' on item 'beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO'

    +1 for the analytical pads.
  15. Syver

    Sennheiser HD800S Unveiled!

    Hi,   Reading everyone's positive comments on the HD800S, I am ready to upgrade from my beloved HD600.   Can anyone point me to an online reseller that has stock and ships internationally ?   I can't seem to find any online shop meeting both criteria.   Thx.